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The ShengShou 10x10 is the world"s first mass-produced cubic 10x10 puzzle. This outstanding puzzle comes into the customer marketplace with much of the fanfare the ShengShou has brought to huge cubes, and also there"s absolutely as lot excitement over the cube"s performance as the cube"s size.Extra Stickers: friend will get a set of extra manufacturing facility stickers v this puzzle.

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Please keep in mind that some brand-new cubes when being offered for the first couple of times may experience what is termed a "pop". This is as soon as one or an ext parts that a puzzle pop the end without any type of damage actually being done to any of the pieces. This also occurs from time to time throughout normal usage. Mister are commonly not considered a defect if the components which come off deserve to be reassembled through hand.

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awesome cube turns well appropriate out the box. Considering that a big cube the does an excellent just psychic all even cubes take it a little while come solve yet this is worth the wait

Turning is for this reason smooth also right out of the box! corner cutting is good for such a huge cube too. All of the class turn really smoothly. It never popped on me once during the solve. The only feasible thing I deserve to think of the is wrong v this is the default green, and also that"s just my opinion. Other people might discover the eco-friendly awesome, although I choose fluorescent green. I very recommend this to everyone! It was super funny to solve, and also worth the price for sure!

When I first took this cube out of the box it to be a little bit slow. After ~ scrambling and also solving this point 2 time it came to be amazing. I have to warn you despite it is quite time spend to settle so be ready!