This page offers details ~ above Coral sky Amphitheatre, located at 601-7 Sansburys Way, West Palm Beach, FL 33411, USA.

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Place Name Coral skies Amphitheatre
Average Rating 4.5
Place Address 601-7 Sansburys WayWest Palm BeachFL 33411-3660USA
Vicinity 601-7 Sansburys Way, West Palm coast
Phone Number (561) 795-8883
International Phone +1 561-795-8883
Place Type point_of_interest, establishment

Location Information

Full Address 601-7 Sansburys Way, West Palm Beach, FL 33411, USA
Street Number 601-7
Route Sansburys way
Locality West Palm coast
Administrative Area Level 2 Palm beach County
Administrative Area Level 1 Florida (FL)
Country United claims (US)
Postal Code 33411
Postal code Suffix 3660
Type point_of_interest, establishment
Latitude 26.685327
Longitude 26.685327
Geo Location (26.685327, -80.1870322)


★★★★★ Casey Thompson

Bathrooms space adequate yet need to be updated. The sound quality has actually been better in the past... Ns am impressed that they"re using metal detectors, the facility can accommodate a large crowd there is no feeling also closed in and also there really isn"t a poor seat there. I would likewise recommend obtaining there early, the in-roads don"t take care of a huge amount of website traffic well.


★★★★★ Psychocybin Gaming

walk to check out a conversation. The venue to be large, but easily navigated. Staff space friendly and available everywhere throughout the building to assist. Seats to be decent size, and not too crammed together. Phase was located under a pavilion in addition to the seat portion of the seating area. Over there is additionally a large lawn area that gives cheaper access, there is no losing any type of experiences thanks to the multiple jumbo monitors located throughout the seating area. The food is additionally prepared fresh and is always ready come go.


★★★★☆ Kevin H

good sound mix, and nice video clip projection reinforcement because that those with seats toward the rear. Shot to purchase seats in the front section for the ideal experience. Also at that, the seats are narrow and also hard plastic. All reflects are rain or shine, so any type of seats further earlier than heat S could get wet. Throughout lightning or thunder storms, lawn seat are compelled to return to their vehicles till the storm passes. Outrageous prices for food and beer.


★★★★★ Nikolas Obrenovic

This is a an excellent venue. Several lawn an are so obtain there at an early stage to get a closer view. Have gone to multiple concert here also though ns live in Miami and usually have to deal with the afternoon rush web traffic to get here. Many bands usually decide come come here instead the Miami. Sound quality is great they have actually plenty of bathrooms. Numerous food alternatives and bars to gain drinks from which are typical show prices so not that cheap. Free parking. Ofcourse the more people there are the much longer it will certainly take to get when the ends.

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★★★★★ Becky Schoenfeld

I have seen so plenty of concerts below (including festivals like warped tour) and also it"s constantly a great experience! The employee is all helpful and also nice. I"ve never ever sat in the grass area in the back, however the seating area is an excellent and friend really have actually a good view no issue where girlfriend sit! The parking is also very organized which i like and makes the experience stress and anxiety free. I recommend going to any event here.