Season 6 episode 20 - Queen of the cat

A Philadelphia heiress rental Stu to find her long-lost mother. Air day : 7th-Feb-1964

Season 6 illustration 1 - 5 part 1

Stu"s quest to fix the hit-and-run murder of an art collector"s brother takes him to Europe and also the middle East. (Part 1 of 5) Air day : 20th-Sep-1963Read More

Season 6 episode 2 - 5: component 2

Questioning assorted artists for hints to the killing, Bailey finds only more confusion in a mysterious blonde and a lacking painting. Air date : 27th-Sep-1963Read More

Season 6 episode 3 - 5 component 3

Stu discovers that he might be searching for two killers quite than just one, but expanding his search outcomes in 2 attempts to kill him, and his search for answers leads him come Italy. Air date : 4th-Oct-1963Read More

Season 6 illustration 4 - 5 part 4

Bailey"s proceeding search for two murderers leads him almost everywhere Europe, with Holland come France and also an ambush ~ above the river Seine. Air day : 11th-Oct-1963Read More

Season 6 illustration 5 - 5 The Conclusion

Bailey"s worldwide search for murderers and absent treasure ultimately takes him earlier to new York for the startling conclusion. Air day : 18th-Oct-1963Read More

Season 6 episode 6 - White lie

Stu"s find for the owner of part oil-rich floor in Oklahoma bring away him come Connecticut, and also a black male who is passing for white. Air day : 25th-Oct-1963Read More

Season 6 illustration 7 - 88 Bars

Bailey is rental by well-off Constance Wingate to defend her brother, who life is gift threatened. In the course of his investigation, Bailey meet big-time gamblers and a piano player who is gift framed because he is in love v Constance. Air date : 1st-Nov-1963Read More

Season 6 illustration 8 - Don"t Wait for Me

A woman hires Stu to gain to the reality behind her daughter"s near-fatal shooting. Air date : 8th-Nov-1963Read More

Season 6 illustration 9 - by His own Verdict

Acquitted the murder, Max Dent confesses his guilt to his lawyer, who decides on vengeance. Air day : 15th-Nov-1963Read More

Season 6 episode 10 - Deposit with Caution

Stu goes to brand-new York to clean police lieutenant john Frazier, that is accused that corruption, yet finds his customer hates exclusive detectives. Air day : 29th-Nov-1963Read More

Season 6 illustration 11 - The Toy jungle

A husband"s anxieties about his wife"s double life leader to a medicine ring. Air day : 6th-Dec-1963Read More

Season 6 episode 12 - The Fumble

Bailey is hired by his girlfriend Diana to keep an eye on she husband, Charlie, so the he doesn"t drink as well much and also lose his job. Charlie is climate framed for murder through a partner who desires his job, and also Bailey need to expose the murderer. Air date : 13th-Dec-1963Read More

Season 6 illustration 13 - Bonus baby

Stu investigates a paternity case involving bulldozers and baseball once Antonio Malfi hires him to uncover the kid he deserted years ago. Air date : 20th-Dec-1963Read More

Season 6 episode 14 - paper Chase

Bailey is hired by the Clinton record Company to find Paul Keddy, an employee who has actually stolen a formula for a new product. Keddy requirements money because he is gift blackmailed; later, he is framed because that murder. Bailey uncovers the blackmailing ring and also identifies the murderer. Air date : 27th-Dec-1963Read More

Season 6 episode 15 - Lovers" lane

Politician Boss gateways hires Stu to clean his child Chuck, who is on death row for rape and murder yet insists he to be framed. Air day : 3rd-Jan-1964Read More

Season 6 illustration 16 - Alimony league

Eccentric millionaire Jerry Kenzie desires to remarry, and hires Stu to attend a meeting v his four ex-wives ~ above his island retreat to negotiate alimony cutbacks—with fatal results. Air date : 10th-Jan-1964Read More

Season 6 illustration 17 - not Such a basic Knot

Stu babysits an 11-year-old math genius in Vegas, no realizing his customer is the vital to break the casino. Air date : 17th-Jan-1964Read More

Season 6 illustration 18 - The Target
Season 6 episode 19 - Dead as in Dude

Stu is rental to inspection a man"s fatality at a dude ranch when his widow rejects the coroner"s verdict of suicide. Air day : 31st-Jan-1964Read More

Season 6 illustration 20 - Queen the the cat

A Philadelphia heiress hires Stu to uncover her long-lost mother. Air day : 7th-Feb-1964Read More



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