3) The relationship between the map distance and the corresponding distance ~ above the ground is recognized as the ________.

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11) The range of "an customs on the map represents two miles on the surface of the Earth" would certainly be CLOSEST to which representative fraction?
16) most of the maps drawn on ________ projections are for an optimal portrayal of worldwide distributions.
17) You great to navigate her yacht indigenous Europe come the united States. Which kind of map projection would be many useful?
25) The properties of projections i m sorry portray precise sizes however distort the forms of land masses is dubbed ________.
29) In the Mercator projection, which piece of the earth is portrayed ridiculously huge in comparison come its yes, really size?
36) If one wished to develop a map which concentrated on the continents and showed little of the world"s oceans, then she/he should use a(n) ________ projection.
49) which of the adhering to is the acronym because that the device of U.S. Department of Defense satellites i beg your pardon are offered to develop exact areas on Earth?
55) for the geographer, the brand-new mapping tools like remote sensing, GPS, and GIS are best viewed together ________.
60) In ________ movie photography, the photographic film is perceptible to wavelengths longer than clearly shows light.
61) The form of far sensing i m sorry penetrates clouds at night for specific terrain representation is ________.
65) aside from regular photographic film, ________ film has actually proven very beneficial for translate of planet resources indigenous airborne cameras.
66) on which type of aerial imagery would certainly a football ar of artificial grass it is in discernible from natural grass?
69) i m sorry of the complying with bands room NOT provided by the Earth-sensing satellites pointed out in the text?
72) The major advantage that orthophotos as contrasted to consistent vertical wait photographs is the ________.
80) ________ room multicolored, distortion-free photographic picture maps. Displacements led to by camera tilt or differences in terrain elevations have actually been removed.
86) The many important earth resources satellite collection was began in the 1970s and is known as ________.
87) Satellite data are analyzed in individual piece representing numerous to countless meters ~ above the Earth"s surface. These piece are well-known as ________.

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103) i m sorry of the complying with would be offered for overlay map analysis where two or much more map layers room superimposed or integrated?
104) geographical information system technology is a direct an outcome of advances in all except ________.
105) i beg your pardon of the adhering to would it is in a type of application in i beg your pardon a geographical information system would not be used?
106) i m sorry of the following options represents a technology into i m sorry the other options can be offered as inputs?