A scatterplot (also referred to as a scatter graph or scatter Diagram) is offered to watch the strength and direction in between two quantitative variables. In statistics, the quantitative variables follow the interval or proportion scale indigenous measurement scales.

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Usually, in scatter, chart the elevation
">variable) is taken on the X-axis (the horizontal axis) if on the Y-axis (the upright axis) the dependency (also referred to as outcome
">variable) is taken to measure the strength and also direction that the relationship between the variables. However, the is not essential to take it explanatory variables on X-axis and outcome variables top top Y-axis. Because, scatter diagram and also Pearson’s correlation measure up the common correlation (interdependencies) between the variables, no the dependence or cause and effect.

Diagram listed below describe some feasible relationship between two quantitative variables (X & Y). A short description is likewise given on each feasible relationship.

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