___ is the result of revealing the definition of life facts. A. End User data B. An encoded sample C. One encrypted bit D. Information

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End-User data is_____ A. Knowledge around the end users B. Raw truth of interest to the finish user C. Information about a certain subject D. Accurate, relevant and also timely info
_____ offers a description of the data characteristics and the collection of relationship that attach the data found within the database A. Queries B. End-User data C. Metadata D. Schemas
_____ exists when various versions of the very same data show up in various places A. Data inconsistency B. Bad data protection C. Structural dependency D. Theoretical dependence
The solution of the DBMS to query is the ______ A. Advertisement hoc questions B. Advertisement hoc response C. Query an outcome set D. Combined view of the data
Data warehouse consists of historical data derived from the ________ A. Work databases B. Desktop databases C. Enterprise databases D. Workgroup databases
____ data exist in the format in which they were accumulated A. Structured B. Semistructured C. Unstructured D. Historic
______data exist in a layout that does not lend chin to processing that yields details A. Structured B. Semistructured C. Unstructured D. Historical
____ is characterized as the condition in which all the data in the database are continual with the real-world events and conditions. A. Data verity B. Data anomaly C. Data ubiquity D. Data Quality
The term____ describes an company of components that define and also regulate the collection, storage, management and use that data within a database setting A. Query analysis B. Transaction C. Management System D. Database system
Business rules are derived from _____ A. A detailed summary of an institutions operations B. Governmental oversight company standards C. Standards and also practices developed over the years D. Manager"s recommendations
A noun in a service rule converts to an__ in the data design A. Entity B. Constraint C. Relationship D. Attribute
A verb associating two nouns in a organization rule converts to a _____in the data version A. Constraint B. Reality C. Attribute D. Relationship
A___ represents a particular kind of object in the real human being A. Connection B. Attribute C. Entity D. Constraint
The ____ design was occurred to allow designers to usage a graphical tool to study structures rather than describing them through text. A. Network B. Object-oriented C. Entity connection D. Hierarchical
A____ is the equivalent of a field in a paper system A. Constraint B. Connection C. Attribute D. Reality

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A__ is anything about which data are to be gathered and save on computer A. Constraint B. Entity C. Attribute D.Relationship