____ analysis describes an information system by identifying things called objects. An _____ represents a actual person, place, event, or transaction.

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The end product that object-oriented evaluation is one ______ _______, which to represent the information system in regards to objects and also object-oriented concepts.
the ______ ________ ______ is a commonly used method of visualizing and also documenting an details system
An ______ has specific attributes , i m sorry are qualities that describe the object. Because that example, if you very own a car, it has ________ such as make, model, and color. One object additionally has methods , i m sorry are work or features that the object performs when it obtain a __________ , or command, to do so. Because that example, your vehicle performs a method called operate WIPERS as soon as you send a message by relocating the appropriate control. Number 6-2 shows instances of attributes, methods, and messages for a automobile object.
A _____ is a team of similar objects. Because that example, Ford Fiestas belong come a course called CAR. An ________ is a certain member the a class. Your Ford Fiesta, therefore, is an circumstances of the vehicle class.
_______ object with details attributes such together name, age, sex, and hair color. If there are two parents, then there are two instances that the _______ object. The _______ object have the right to perform methods, together as analysis a bedtime story, control the car pool van, or prepare a school lunch. As soon as a _________ thing receives a message
Objects can have a particular attribute dubbed a _____ . The _______of an object is an adjective that describes the object"s present status. Because that example, depending on the state, a student deserve to be a future student, a existing student, or a previous student.
A ________ defines certain tasks that an item can perform. Simply as objects are comparable to nouns and attributes are comparable to adjectives, _________ resemble verbs that describe what and also how an object does something.
The same article to two various objects can create different results. The principle that a message gives different definitions to different objects is referred to as __________
You have the right to view an item as a _____ ______ , because a post to the thing triggers changes within the thing without specifying how the transforms must be lugged out. A gas pump is an example of a ______ _____. As soon as you pick the economic situation grade at a pump, you do not should think around how the pump determines the exactly price and selects the best fuel, as lengthy as that does for this reason properly.
The black color box concept is an instance of _______ , which method that every data and methods are self-contained. A black color box walk not desire or need external interference. By limiting accessibility to interior processes, things prevents its internal code indigenous being altered by another object or process._________ allows objects come be offered as modular materials anywhere in the system, due to the fact that objects send and receive messages yet do not transform the internal methods of other objects.
An thing belongs to a team or classification called a ______. Every objects within a ______ share common attributes and also methods, for this reason a class is favor a blueprint, or design template for every the objects in ~ the class
Objects within a course can it is in grouped into ______ , which are an ext specific categories in ~ a class. Because that example, van objects stand for a ______ within the automobile class, along with other subclasses referred to as CAR, MINIVAN, and also SCHOOL BUS,
A course can belong come a much more general category called a _________ . For example, a NOVEL course belongs come a _______ called BOOK, since all novels space books
___________ enable objects come communicate and interact as they perform company functions and transactions compelled by the system. ________ explain what objects should know about each other, just how objects answers to alters in other objects, and the impacts of member in classes, superclasses, and also subclasses
The strongest partnership is referred to as _________. Which enables an object, dubbed a _____ , to have one or much more of its characteristics from another object, referred to as a _____
A _____ __________represents the steps in a details business duty or process. An exterior entity, referred to as an gibbs , initiates a _______ _______ by requesting the mechanism to execute a role or process. Because that example, in a clinical office system, a patient (actor) can MAKE meeting (use case),
A _________ ___________ _______documents the name of the use case, the actor, a description of the usage case, a step-by-step perform of the tasks and actions compelled for successful completion, a summary of alternative courses that action, preconditions, postconditions, and also assumptions.
A _______ ________ _________ is a visual summary of several connected use cases within a system or subsystem. Take into consideration a common auto service department,
The _________ __________ mirrors what is contained in the device (inside the rectangle) and what is not consisted of in the mechanism (outside the rectangle). ~ you recognize the _________ _______, you ar the use situations on the diagram, add the actors, and show the relationships
A ________ ________ mirrors the object classes and also relationships associated in a use case. Favor a DFD, a course diagram is a logical model, which evolves into a physics model and finally becomes a functioning info system
The _______ ________ additionally includes a principle called cardinality , which explains how instances the one class relate to instances of an additional class. Because that example, one employee might have earn no vacation days or one vacation day or plenty of vacation days
A ________ _______ is a dynamic version of a use case, mirroring the interaction among classes throughout a stated time period. A _________ __________ graphically papers the use case by showing the classes, the messages, and also the timing of the messages.
A _________ is established by a narrow vertical form that consist of the lifeline. The _______ shows when an item sends or obtain a message.

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A ________ __________ _________ mirrors how an item changes indigenous one state to another, depending upon events that influence the object. All possible states need to be recorded in the state shift diagram
An __________ ___________ each other a horizontal flowchart that mirrors the actions and also events as they occur. Activity diagrams present the order in i beg your pardon the actions take it place and identify the outcomes.


Computer Organization and Design MIPS Edition: The Hardware/Software Interface5th EditionDavid A. Patterson, man L. Hennessy