I"m trying come compile Java 1.4 password that was produced by IBM"s WSDL2Java top top Java5 there is no recreating the stubs and also saw this error in Eclipse. I"m under the assumption that the stubs developed should simply compile as lengthy as the runtime jars are accessible (they are).

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Access restriction: The type QName is not accessible due to restriction on compelled library C:Program FilesJavajdk1.5.0_16jrelib t.jar

The full course name is javax.xml.namespace.QName

What exactly is walking on here?

Is this a instance where i am trying come refactor a pig native sausage? to be I far better off recreating the stubs?

I guess that you are trying to replace a standard course which ships through Java 5 through one in a library girlfriend have.

This is not permitted under the regards to the patent agreement, however AFAIK it wasn"t enforced until Java 5

Here"s a solution that also works.

First, walk to the build Path setups in the task properties.Delete the JRE system LibraryAttach the back; pick "Add Library" and also choose the JRE system Library. The default ran because that me.

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This runs due to the fact that you have multiple class in different jar files. Deleting and also re-attaching the JRE lib will certainly make the best classes be first. If you desire a simple solution make sure you omit the jar documents with the same classes.

I hold javax.xml.soap.SOAPPart in three different jars: axis-saaj-1.4.jar, saaj-api-1.3.jar, and also the rt.jar


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