I have actually been a fan of this video game for years and also in the past have continued to have the ability to play that whenever i have upgraded mine PC. In ~ the critical year or so despite i have been unable to acquire the video game to work on my windows 7 desktop (3yo Packard Bell). Both AOE1, rise of Rome and AOE2 kings will install however fail come open once installed. Ns can however run the video game sucessfully on an old XP desktop (Compaq), albeit with graphics issues.I have actually tried to run the games in compatability mode for Vista XP an even 98 come no avail. What can be wrong? has some upgrade or patch come the OS or associated systems make the gamings incompatible v my device or is the game just as well old for a modern PC? any ideas? would be pretty to acquire it going again and not need to hang on come an old pc simply to play it.Thanks
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In compatibility options, have actually you do the efforts the various other tick boxes? several of them can be valuable in obtaining older systems to run, it's worth trying with each of those.If the doesn't help, shot disabling the Aero theme completely by convert to Windows straightforward temporarily, to see if the helps as sometimes Aero can cause problems through older games.

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I switched the template from aero to simple and both gamings worked very first time without resorting come compatibilty modes. Does this mean that i cant personlaise my desktop computer if i want to operation the games? Would an altering the background/desktop background mess things up again by taking the appearance setting s the end of simple mode?One worry i have with running the gamings in windows 7 is the graphics i beg your pardon in AOE2 an especially are not as they should be. Are there any further setups that have the right to be changed to placed this right?Thanks
I switched the template from aero to an easy and both gamings worked first time without resorting come compatibilty modes. Does this median that ns cant personlaise my desktop if i want to operation the games? Would transforming the background/desktop background mess points up again by acquisition the appearance setup s out of an easy mode?
The wallpaper have the right to be changed without dropping ago into Aero, simply don't adjust the layout back. You can constantly save a custom design template for Aero and also one for Basic, and also switch between them easily. It's precious trying the tickbox under compatibility to disable intuitive themes, the may likewise work there is no you having to go to the basic theme.
One worry i have actually with to run the gamings in windows 7 is the graphics i beg your pardon in AOE2 an especially are no as they have to be. Space there any further settings that have the right to be adjusted to placed this right?
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seriously though, I'm unsure since I haven't played any type of of the AoE games, so not only do I no know first hand what they're meant to watch like, I additionally don't understand of any certain workarounds other than just Googling the myself.

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Re: AOE color board bug-AOE1 and AOE2 use 8-bit indexing colour palettes. What this means is that get's to choose 256 colours fro a larger set and then use those.The worry is that, with windows and also 256 colours, 256 colour settings work by method of questioning applications what colours they need. Applications have the right to then speak to windows "Well, i would choose these colours, however at the really least, I require these ones" and also Windows will do it's finest to preserve the color pension colours for all applications.AOE and also AOE2, because that example, have actually their own set of 256 colours that they usage for everything. Normally, due to the fact that it 's a full-screen, foreground application, this has actually no issue, because nothing rather is commonly holding color hostage in the palette.Windows 7 (and windows Vista together well) ns believe, however, do. There room some color board colours the Windows explorer (eg. The taskbar/start food selection application) refuses come let walk of, which makes for weird magenta outlines and also bits of weird colours.The solution for windows Vista and 7 is to death explorer.exe prior to you launch it. Ns personally usage a batch file:
taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe"C:\Program files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of realms II\empires2.exe"echo press any vital to restart explorer...pausestart explorer.exeThis will certainly kill explorer, start the game, and then as soon as you end up wait because that you to press a key in the command window, and also then restart explorer. This same technique is compelled for appropriate visuals in numerous older games that usage 256 colour modes. (Command & dominate being simply one various other example).