Al B. Sure

Al B. Certain Biography

Al B. Sure is a three-time Grammy-nominated American Radio Host, R&B record producer, singer, songwriter, and actor based in Boston, Massachusetts, united States.

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His birth surname is Albert Joseph Brown III. However, in the 80s era, he made decision to adjust his name to Al B. Sure. He is famed for his romantic songs.

He was born in Boston on June 4, 1968, and also raised in mount Vernon, brand-new York. In the early ’90s, Al B was one of the brand-new jack swing’s most well-known romantic singers, songwriters and record producers.

While at mount Vernon High School, the rejected a soccer scholarship in ~ the university of Iowa in stimulate to focus on his music career as a composer and also singer.

During his career, Sure has actually made albums prefer In impact Mode (1988), private Times…and the entirety 9! (1990) and Honey I’m residence (2009).

Al B. Sure Age

Sure is 52 years old as of 2020. Al B was born ~ above 4 June 1968 in Boston, Massachusetts, the joined States. However, he flourished in Leonia, new Jersey and also Mount Vernon, new York.

Al B. Certain Wife|Kim Porter

He was married come Kim Porter native 1989 come 1990. With each other they had a son, Quincy born on June 4, 1991. Al B has also been in a connection with Karyn White and Rolonda Watts.

Al B. Certain Kids|Children

He has actually three sons; Albert Brown IV born top top October 30, 1986, that is a singer performing under the stage name Lil’ B. Sure, his second-born son, Devin aka Devin LOUD, a music producer and also hip-hop artist based in Atlanta, and musician Quincy brown that was born ~ above June 4, 1991.

Al B. Certain Parents|Family

Al B is the child of Albert Joseph Brown II, a nuclear clinical technician, and Cassandra Brown, an accountant.

Al B. Certain Ethnicity|Nationality

he is one American born in Boston, Massachusetts, joined States. That is the African-American descent. In enhancement to that, he is additionally a Christian.


Al B. Sure Net Worth

certain has an approximated net worth of approximately $4 million dollars.

Al B. Sure Tribute come Kim Porter

Kim Porter was viewed lastly arriving at Tom Ford Women’s Fall/Winter 2018 fashion show during brand-new York Fashion Week at Park way Armory on Feb. 8, 2018, in new York City.

Later ~ above November 15, 2018, Kim Porter tragically passed away at age 47. Singer-songwriter Al honored her memory on Instagram on November 16, 2018. The 2 dated in the early 1990s and also had a kid together, Quincy Brown.

He post a throwback black-and-white photo of the couple, with a caption linked come the Jodeci tune he produced, “Forever mine Lady” together the praying emoji. The 1991 smash fight was influenced by the late model and actress.

Al B. Sure Career

In 1987, Al to be selected by Quincy Jones together the an initial winner of the Sony Innovators Talent Search. That collaborated through Jones on various projects, most notably the platinum single “The secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite)” native Jones’ double-platinum-certified album earlier on the Block.

On this hit, the was among a quartet with El DeBarge, Barry White, and James Ingram. His debut album of 1988 In result Mode topped the Billboard R&B chart for seven consecutive weeks, selling more than 2 million copies.

The solitary “Nite and also Day,” increased to the optimal of the R&B chart and also reached No. 7 ~ above the Billboard warm 100. Al won an AMA because that Best brand-new R&B Artist and also received numerous Grammy and also American Music award (AMA) nominations.

Sure likewise won the award for Best new Artist and also got numerous Soul Train compensation nominations. His 1-900 phone heat was 3rd in generating revenue and also got several new York Music Awards.

As a songwriter and producer, he presented multi-platinum acts come the music sector such together Jodeci and teen R&B performer Tevin Campbell. Others in the list space Dave Hollister, faith Evans, Case, and also Usher.

Al signed with surprise Beach Recordings in 2009. His an initial single because that the label, “I Love the (Papi Aye, Aye, Aye),” increased to No. 33 at the Radio & records Urban AC chart.

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