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"All the points She Said" is a track by Scottish absent group straightforward Minds, released as the third single from your seventh studio album, as soon as Upon a Time. It to be sung by command vocalist Jim Kerr, v backing vocals listed by American singer Robin Clark who additionally appeared in the promotion video. The song got to number 9 top top the UK Singles Chart and number 28 on the us Billboard warm 100. It to be featured in the 2013 video game, cool Theft Auto V, top top the fictitious radio terminal Los Santos rock Radio. More »

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Don"t girlfriend look earlier on a large lost worldCrying out tomorrowDon"t you look down prefer the heroes sayCome tell me all around itTake me to the highways where the bonfires burnTake me in her arms and I"ll fade awayWhen ns hear you say what you acquired to sayAnywhere friend go, you recognize I"ll still be waitingAll the things she said, she saidLittle darling close your eyes, there"ll be no compromisingOf all the things she said, she saidThrow me come the street wherein the heartbeats beating"Beating all around me"To the relaxed revolutionAnd the perfect wave, surround meTell me "bout the ocean moving in slow-moving motionI watch it glitter in the sunThen it"s freeze in the moonlightNever watch back, never look back, never look awayIf liberty comes and also goes, you understand I"ll still be waitingAll the things she said, she saidYou"ve dealt with the fight therefore long, no surrender to temptationOf all the points she said, she saidStars will loss out because that youLuck will certainly surrenderI"m calling the end to youOh to be near you in the first morning lightI"d be v you, i dream around youIf I can leave here, I would leave right here tonightI"d be v you, I"d remain with friend tonightTonightAnywhere girlfriend go, you understand I"ll still it is in waitingOf every the things she said, she saidWhen ns look into your eyes, I watch a new day risingOh every the things she said, she saidThrough the eyes of love, and to never understand what dislike isOf every the things she said, she saidShe said, this is ours time, she said, this is our placeThis is the room my heart wants to beLittle darling close her eyes, there"ll be no compromisingAll the things she said, she said

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straightforward Minds straightforward Minds space a Scottish absent band who achieved worldwide popularity from the mid-1980s come the beforehand 1990s. Back experiencing far-ranging personnel changes, it has continued to tourism to a cult following through that decade and into the brand-new millennium. Much more »