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You have the right to animate the text, pictures, shapes, tables, SmartArt graphics, and other objects in her PowerPoint presentation.

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Effects have the right to make things appear, disappear, or move. Castle can readjust an object"s size or color.


Add animations to text, pictures, shapes, and an ext in your presentation

Select the thing or message you want to animate.

Select Animations and choose an animation.

Select Effect Options and select an effect.

Manage animations and also effects

There are different ways to begin animations in your presentation:

On Click: begin an computer animation when girlfriend click a slide.

With Previous: pat an animation at the exact same time together the previous computer animation in your sequence.

After Previous: start an computer animation immediately after the vault one happens.

Duration: Lengthen or shorten one effect.

Delay: add time before an impact runs.

Add an ext effects come an animation

Select an item or message with one animation.

Select Add Animation and choose one.

Change the bespeak of animations

Select an animation marker.

Choose the choice you want:

Move Earlier: make an computer animation appear earlier in the sequence.

Move Later: do an computer animation occur later in the sequence.

Add computer animation to group objects

You can add an computer animation to group objects, text, and also more.

Press Ctrl and select the objects girlfriend want.

Select Format > Group > Group to team the objects together.

Select Animations and choose an animation.

Add computer animation to one object

Select the object that you desire to animate.

On the Animations tab of the ribbon, in the Animation group, click the More

button, and then choose the computer animation effect that you want.


The many popular effects are shown. If you desire even much more choices, click a More alternative at the bottom that the gallery.

Select a heading below to open up it and also see the detailed instructions.

Change the rate of the animation effect

The rate of the effect is determined by the Duration setting.

On the slide, choose the computer animation effect that you want to change.

On the Animations tab, under Timing options, in the Duration box, go into the number secs that you desire the computer animation effect come last.


(Maximum: 59 seconds. Minimum: .01 seconds. Friend can kind a duration or usage the up or down arrows to select a traditional incremental value.)

On the slide, pick the computer animation effect that you desire to change.

On the Animations tab, under Timing options, open up the Start list, and choose one of the three alternatives described below:



To start the computer animation effect

On Click

When girlfriend click the slide

With Previous

At the very same time as the previous computer animation effect in the list. (One click starts two or much more animation effects at the very same time.)

After Previous

Immediately after the previous computer animation effect in the perform finishes playing. (No additional click is forced to do this computer animation effect start.)

The Delay alternative determines how much time elapses prior to a details animation impact begins—either after you click or after ~ a prior computer animation effect concludes.

On the slide, pick the computer animation effect that you desire to change.

On the Animations tab, under Timing options, in the Delay box, specify an lot of time in seconds.


To reorder a set of animations ~ above a slide:

Open the computer animation pane: on the Animations tab, in the Advanced Animation group, pick Animation Pane.

In the computer animation pane, select the animation effect the you desire to reorder.

On the Animations tab the the ribbon, in the Timing group, under Reorder Animation choose one of these options:


Select Move Earlier to relocate the impact up one location in the computer animation order.

Select Move later on to relocate the result down one place in the computer animation order.

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You can select an alternative multiple times, if necessary, to move your selected effect to the appropriate place in the computer animation order.