In this post, the 2023 DV Lottery Registration overview to stop Disqualification is provided. The application procedure for the American Diversity Immigrant Visa program is online and really simple. However, applicants must be really careful when filling the type to stop being disqualified indigenous the attract or at the moment of the interview if they won the lottery.

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Applicants need to make certain they submit only one entry as enabled by the law during each it is registered period. Multiple entries space not permitted. Candidates with multiple entries will merely be disqualified. If you’re married, each of you deserve to submit one application by adding the spouse together derivative.

To apply for the DV Lottery program, you have to submit the Electronic Diversity Visa Entry form or DS-5501. The application type is accessible online through the digital Diversity Visa (E-DV) website throughout the specified registration period. There is no expense to register for the DV lottery program. Please register as shortly as possible.

The device usually bugs in the last week the application as result of the huge number of applicants in the last days. You might not have the ability to submit her application. The entrance submission period for DV-2023 is from 12:00 afternoon EDT (GMT-4) on October 6, 2021 to 12:00 pm EST (GMT-5) ~ above November 9, 2021.

To start, please click the use button below and you will certainly be redirected to a page that is comparable to the one shown in the photo below. The begin entry button will appear once the application period starts. Please pay attention to the given instructions to protect against making a mistake that will expense you her immigration task to the United says of America.


Please click on the Begin Entry button to start. A page similar to the one shown listed below will open. Kind the personalities as they appear in the photo on the web page (characters will certainly be various from the one displayed in the picture below) and click ~ above the submit button.


You will certainly then have access to the registration form which top part is shown in the picture below.


DV Lottery it is registered – an individual Information

Please fill the form. Information you enter must it is in accurate and also correct or you may be disqualified later. You will have around 30 min to to fill the form. After 30 min the mechanism will reset the type and girlfriend will have to start pour it until it is full it indigenous the beginning. So perform prepare the compelled information and also photos prior to you restart the applications process.

1. Name

Candidates should input their last/family name, very first name, middle name precisely as it appears on their passport in the matching field. If you have actually only one name, it have to be gotten in in the last/family surname field. If you have No very first Name or No middle Name, girlfriend must check the corresponding option otherwise the kind will not move forward as a ar will be left empty.

2. Gender

Applicants in ~ this stage must pick their sex (Male or Female).

3. Birth Date

You must get in your Birth day in the complying with format: day, month, year.

4. City wherein You to be Born

Please enter the surname of the City where you to be born. Execute not enter District/County/Province/State. If girlfriend don’t understand the city where you were born, please examine the “Birth City Unknown” listed below the Birth City field.

5. Country Where You to be Born

Please go into the surname of the country of birth. Execute remember to use the present name the the country you to be born in.

DV Lottery registration – country of Eligibility and Passport Information

6. Country of Eligibility for the DV Program

Your country of eligibility (chargeability) is normally your country of birth. Her country of eligibility is NOT pertained to where friend live no one the citizenship girlfriend hold. You re welcome answer the concern Are girlfriend claiming eligibility based upon the country where you to be born? By choosing Yes or NO. If your answer is no (meaning your country of birth is ineligible), you have to choose an additional country indigenous which you’re declare eligibility.

If your birth country is no eligible, you may select your nation of eligibility as the nation of birth of your spouse, or the nation of bear of one of two people of your parents if you were born in a nation in which neither parent was born, and in which your parents were no resident at the time of her birth. Selecting an incorrect nation of eligibility or chargeability will disqualify you.

7. Passport

In bespeak to send an entry because that the 2023 Diversity Visa program, friend must at this time possess a valid, unexpired passport indigenous your country of nationality, uneven exempt (see below). Please answer A or B.

A) Passport Information: Please get in your passport information in the matching field.

B) Passport Exemption: Please choose the option that synchronizes to your situation. Please note that if it’s later identified that you’re not exempt indigenous the passport requirement, you may be disqualified indigenous the Diversity Visa program.

DV Lottery it is registered – photograph Requirements

8. Entrant Photograph

The digital photograph you want to upload may be of one of the complying with nature

A) digital picture you take it which should be:

In JPEG (.jpg) document formatEqual to or less than 240 KB (kilobytes) in file sizeIn a square facet ratio (height must equal width)600×600 pixels in dimension.

B) A scan the an existing photo. In addition to the digital picture requirements, her scanned photo need to be:

2 x 2 customs (51 x 51 mm)Scanned at a resolution that 300 pixels per inch (12 pixels every millimeter)

Furthermore, the photo to upload must accomplish the complying with requirements:

In color ;In focus ;Sized such the the head is between 1 inch and 1 3/8 inch (22 mm and also 35 mm) or 50 percent and 69 percent the the image’s complete height indigenous the bottom the the chin come the peak of the head. See the photograph Composition layout for much more size need details ;Taken within the last 6 months come reflect your existing appearance ;Taken in former of a level white or off-white background ;Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera ;With a neutral facial expression and also both eyes open up ;Taken in clothing that you typically wear top top a everyday basis ;Uniforms must not it is in worn in your photo, except religious clothing that is worn everyday ;Do no wear a cap or head extending that obscures the hair or hairline, unless worn daily for a religious purpose. Your full challenge must it is in visible, and also the head covering must not cast any kind of shadows ~ above your face ;Headphones, wireless hands-free devices, or comparable items space not agree in your photograph ;Do no wear eyeglasses ;If you normally wear a hearing an equipment or similar articles, they might be worn in her photo.

Please click right here to see instances of correct and incorrect images. Click below to see examples of agree photos. You can use this tool noted by the united state Department the State to prepare her photos. Keep in mind that this device will only work on Internet traveler (IE).

Please click on the ‘Choose new Photo‘ button to pick your prepared image for the application. If your photo carry out not comply with all specifications, you will certainly be disqualified native the draw.

DV Lottery registration – contact Information

9. E-mail Address

Please get in your mailing resolve information. You may leave blank places wherein it’s created “Optional”

10. Country Where you Live Today

Please choose the nation Where you Live Today.

11. Phone Number

Please go into your phone number. Psychic this is an optional field. This method you’re not required to fill it and it deserve to be left blank.

12. E-mail Address

Please get in your e-mail attend to and check it. If selected you will receive follow-up email communication through this email address. So you need to make certain to provide a precious email attend to to i beg your pardon you will certainly still have accessibility to during the whole processing time of her case.

DV Lottery it is registered – Level that Education and also Family Situation

13. What is the highest possible level of education and learning you have achieved, as of today?

Please select the highest level of education you have actually achieved, together of today. Girlfriend must have actually a minimum of a high institution diploma reflecting the completion of a complete course of examine (vocation schools or equivalency degrees are no acceptable) or it is in a skilled worker in one occupation that calls for at least two years of maintain or suffer to qualify (visit to view if her occupation qualifies) for a Diversity Visa.

14. What is your current marital status?

Please pick your marital status. If you’re married at the moment of application, you must select married. Married means legally married through official papers to prove that. If you’re married and also apply together single, you will be disqualified at the moment of the interview. However, if you’re married traditionally and there is no official file to prove her status, you should use as single.

15. Number of Children

Please go into the number of children girlfriend have. Kids include all biological children, legally adopted children, and also stepchildren who room unmarried and under the period of 21 top top the date, friend submit your entry. Girlfriend must include all eligible children, also if they execute not live v you or if they perform not intended to apply for a Diversity Visa together your derivative. Fail to list all eligible children is grounds for disqualification. If your child is a U.S. Citizens or Lawful long-term Resident, execute not list him/her in your entry.

Please click the “Continue” switch to relocate to the next page. If you’re married or have a child, you have to fill in the same info and add a picture for your spouse, children and click ~ above the Continue button.


You will have accessibility to a web page where you will have to verify the all your gotten in information space correct. If correct, click the “Continue” button to accessibility the submission confirmation page. The web page is comparable to the one presented below.


You have to save the submission confirmation page in order to have the ability to check your condition in might 2022. You need to save the web page either electronically (recommended) or print it on paper. By experience, advises you to save the submission page in PDF and send it by email to a trustful friend, family members member or simply save it as a draft in her email. This will conserve you from a many trouble later when you require to examine your status.

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Please note that the deadline to it is registered for the 2023 American Diversity Immigrant Visa regime is November 9, 2021 12:00PM EST (GMT -5). To be the an initial to watch latest opportunities, you re welcome follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.