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Portion of Proceeds indigenous All auto Seats offered at Babies"R"Us in September to benefit Safe children Worldwide™


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Preventable injuries room the #1 killer of children in the U.S. Virtually 9 million youngsters are gift treated for injuries in U.S. Emergency department every year. Correctly used child safety and security seats deserve to reduce the threat of fatality by as much as 71 percent.Source: Safe children Worldwide

Each mainly in September, Babies"R"Us shop nationwide will sell parents information and tips on topics like vehicle seat safety, for sure sleep environments, in-home childproofing and also bath time. And with every consumer already asking around the fan-favorite an excellent Trade-In event, the agency is kicking points off with a twist. Client shopping at Babies"R"Us shop nationwide or online at deserve to take benefit of the same good discount – 25% off all auto seats* start Friday, September 1 with Sunday, October 1 – without having to lug around and also trade in old gear. Customers can likewise take benefit of 10% discount provides on choose safety items every week at shop nationwide and also online at

Additionally, on Saturday, September 9, select Babies"R"Us shop will host "Ask the automobile Seat Expert" events, throughout which representatives from for sure Kids an international will offer personalized referrals on the right form of auto seat based on a child"s age, weight and height. Customers can discover out around the weekly events going on in ~ their regional store at

To learn much more about Baby security Month in ~ Babies"R"Us, visit the company"s this firm blog, No Assembly Required.

*Some exclusions may apply. Infant Jogger, Bob, Clek, Cybex, Maxi Cosi, Mifold, Peg Perego and also Quinny automobile seats, and also car seat bases are excluded indigenous this deal.

About Toys"R"Us, Inc.Toys"R"Us, Inc. Is the world"s leading committed toy and also baby commodities retailer, offering a distinguished shopping experience through its family of brands. Was is sold in 879 Toys"R"Us and Babies"R"Us stores in the joined States, Puerto Rico and also Guam, and also in 815 global stores and over 255 licensed shop in 37 countries and also jurisdictions. Through its strong portfolio that e-commerce sites including and, the company provides shoppers v a wide online selection of distinctive toy and baby products. Toys"R"Us, Inc. Is headquartered in Wayne, NJ, and has nearly 65,000 employee worldwide. The firm is cursed to serving its areas as a caring and reputable neighbor through programs committed to keeping youngsters safe and also helping them in time of need. End the past three decades, the firm has given more than $100 million in product donations come children"s charities. Because 1992, the Toys"R"Us Children"s Fund, a public charity affiliated through Toys"R"Us, Inc., has also donated an ext than $130 million in grants. For more information, visit or follow