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Credit card By Stripe

Credit cards welcomed are Visa, Mastercard/Eurocard and American Express. Enabling us to delivery the order the same day (if placed prior to 11:30)


Choose come pay v your credit card making use of the many used and secure payment device in the world. You deserve to pay even if you do not have actually a PayPal account, just by beginning your credit transaction card details securely and we will obtain payment instantly.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay pick the "Apple Pay" button; select the card you want to salary with, ar your finger top top the Touch i would to finish the payment


Scan the QR password to later get in the amount to pay and also your password to enable the payment

Bank transfer

By choosing the "bank transfer" method, the customer immediately sends one order request to quick story order inquiry is shown by one e-mail sent by the customer service, containing our bank details. Complying with the goods are collection aside pending the arrival of the transfer.

Shipments to the UK room suspended as result of restrictions imposed by the UK government following the spread of the recent coronavirus variant. Orders will certainly be handle after the limitations are released

Orders are shipped native Monday come Friday 9:00-13:00,

Free shipping because that orders end € 150.00 in EU The shipping is cost-free for orders end € 500 exterior the EU *


Shipping times 2-9 service days


Since the package will certainly be shipped, will send one e-mail comprise the tracking number in stimulate to track the shipment.

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Do you desire to do a return? You have 14 days come return your order!

Fill out the kind specially ready on the "My Orders" page. Select the order because that which you desire a return and also click on "Return". You will certainly be presented a web page where you can specify the commodities you desire to return and confirm the procedure. Following your return request, you will certainly be sent an e-mail confirming the initiation of the procedure and the return authorization number.

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