Big Head Todd and also the monster are a rock band that has actually released a variety of albums due to the fact that 1989 through their 1993 album sister Sweetly walking platinum.

A rock band with an easygoing jam band sensibility and a taste for the blues, huge Head Todd & the Monsters have proven to be one of the most enduring bands in their genre, still attracting fans to your live shows over 30 year after they an initial started playing out. BHT created in Boulder, Colorado through Todd Park Mohr top top guitar and also vocals, rob Squires ~ above bass and also vocals, and also Brian Nevin on drums and also vocals. The three had been girlfriend in high school, and they formed the band in 1986 when they to be attending the university of Colorado. The band quickly discovered an audience in their house state, and were soon touring regularly on the West Coast and also through the mountain States. In 1989, the team released their an initial album, another Mayberry, which to be issued through their very own label, large Records. A arsenal of live recordings, Midnight Radio, to be BHT’s second release in 1990.

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As their adhering to grew, major labels began to take it notice, and the tape struck a deal with the Warner Bros.-distributed huge Records. The group’s very first album because that Giant, 1993’s sister Sweetly, walk platinum in the wake of the successful singles “Bittersweet,” “Circle,” and “Broken Hearted Savior,” and also BHT signed top top as one of the title acts for the 1993 execution of the H.O.R.D.E. Touring festival. The tape wasted no time publication a follow-up, v Strategem showing up in 1994. After comprehensive round of touring, they returned to the studio to document 1997’s Beautiful World, which consisted of guest appearances from man Lee Hooker and P-Funk keyboardist Bernie Worrell. A live collection recorded during one of their H.O.R.D.E. Dates, Live Monsters appeared in 1998. By the moment BHT exit Riviera in 2002, huge had gone out of business, and also the group restored the large Records brand to distribute it.

The group expanded to a quartet v the addition of Jeremy Lawton top top keyboards and pedal stole guitar; he joined the lineup gradually to document the 2004 concert album Live at the Fillmore. The exact same year, BHT also issued a studio album, crimes of Passion, exit by Sanctuary Records. In 2005, the band released a digital single of the song “Blue Sky,” which was written and recorded to respect the members the the Discovery room Shuttle mission; it later ended up being a project song for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. The album all the Love friend Need complied with in 2007, which found them returning to their big label, and Rocksteady complied with in 2010. BHT indulged their love for standard blues v their next album; attributed to big Head Blues Club—2011’s 100 years of Robert Johnson to be a collection of tunes honoring the centennial of his birth, and featured guest appearances native B.B. King, Charlie Musselwhite, hobtration Sumlin, Cedric Burnside, and others.

BHT returned to their traditional style because that 2014’s black Beehive, and another concert set, Live at Red Rocks 2015, showed up the complying with year. Another huge Head Blues society release appeared in 2016: method Down within was a tribute to the songs of Willie Dixon, with the group joined by Billy Branch, Ronnie Baker Brooks, and Mud Morganfield (the boy of the legendary Muddy Waters). Huge Head Todd & the Monsters went back with the self-produced new World Arisin’ in November 2017.

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New Year’s Eve show 2017!!!!

Since their development in the ’80s, big Head Todd and the monster have ongoing to evolve and explore, moving beyond their Colorado club circuit root to come to be one that the most adventurous, respected and also durable bands in America.

This show, tape-recorded on new Year’s night of 2017, showcases your roots & soulful blues absent vibe while important highlighting the band’s exceptional musicianship. The set features fan favorites favor “It’s Alright”, “Circle” and also “Midnight Radio” as well as a pair the Jimi Hendrix covers that open and also close the show. Perhaps the to mark is the band’s sheathe of the Willie Dixon classic “I Cry and Sing the Blues,” made famed by girlfriend Guy. The track features a count down to midnight fifty percent way v the song, making that a standout minute in one evening complete of remarkable music.