The owner of 9MAG and also the reigning tattoo king of Chicago, Ryan enjoys a reputation as among the most sought-after artists in the country. However despite his success, it have the right to still be a battle to host down his fractious crew. Now, in the results a three-month lockdown and also a salacious scandal that threaten his business and reputation, he"s forced to close ranks to all yet his many loyal crew members.

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After spending year under Ryan and his relentless administration style, Charmaine damaged away to start 2nd City Ink. She"s a constant hustler who areas a high value on family and loyalty. However recently, a falling-out v her organization partner, the ns of her mother, the bear of her daughter throughout the pandemic, and her dad"s cancer diagnosis upended she Charmaine"s world and left she shop in jeopardy.

Though he"s been a fixture in ~ 9MAG from work one, Don"s an individual life is much from constant. He"s been through plenty of ups and downs end the years, consisting of past infidelities that intimidated his residence life. Now, after a wellness scare that placed him in the hospital, Don is on a journey of spiritual, mental and also physical growth, that, which consists of branching the end from the shop and opening his own gym.

Phor is a guy of many creative passions. Once he"s not tattooing at 9MAG, he"s usually concentrated on music, both of i m sorry -- choose tattooing -- hasve always been an important outlets for his self-expression and also mental health. However now the he haswith a son on the way, Phor is anxious that coming to be a father may mean the finish of his rock- star ways.

Miss Kitty, a D.C. Indigenous turned new Yorker in exile, is currently the brand manager of second City Ink. She"s chose to make a fresh start in the public City after her steamy fling v Ryan sparked rumors and also chaos amongst her old crew back in Harlem. Now, with 2nd City Ink"s future in doubt, the no-nonsense Kitty is focused on breathing new life into the shop.

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As the crews at 9MAG and second City Ink readjust to post-shutdown life, Ryan leans on his staff to help with a possible expansion, and Charmaine's management is questioned once she returns to work.