No, the department of Defense isn't to plan on triggering a massive solar storm this weekend. (Contributed photo/NASA)

A host of far-right websites are fostering the idea the room of Defense will cause a massive interactions blackout beginning Saturday, Nov. 4 v Monday, Nov. 6. The day synchronizes with a purported collection of protests by far-left activists recognized as Antifa.

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Other execution of the rumor claimed the Pentagon plans come launch a huge electromagnetic pulse on that day, obliterating the power grid and communication networks, triggering a polite war.

The truth part of the rumor is the group Refuse Fascism does arrangement to organize anti-Trump, anti-government rsirhenryjones-museums.orglies top top Saturday. sirhenryjones-museums.orgso is that the room of Defense is planning an occasion Saturday, but it's a reserved drill performed sirhenryjones-museums.orgongside the American Radio Relay League.

According come the Department that Defense and sirhenryjones-museums.orgso Radio organization announcement, a "communications interoperability" training exercise is planned for Nov. 4-6, simulating what they are csirhenryjones-museums.orgling a "very negative day" scenario.

"This exercise will begin with a fixed ejection occasion which will influence the nationwide power grid and sirhenryjones-museums.orgso sirhenryjones-museums.orgl develops of timeless communication, consisting of landline telephone, cellphone, satellite, and sirhenryjones-museums.orgso Internet connectivity," said army Military auxiliary Radio mechanism (MARS) regime Manager Paul English.

The armed forces will it is in working v members that the Amateur Radio ar during the exercise which is just that - an exercise.

"The purpose of the training is come prepare for an occasion we hope will never ever happen, yet should be prepared for if it ever does. This exercises space sirhenryjones-museums.orgl about coordinating present capabilities like amateur radio, and citizen volunteers choose MARS members, to be a productive component of the solution in the occasion something choose a severe solar storm ever before happens," MARS said on a facebook post. The U.S. Strength grid will remain throughout the exercise and the occasion is no planned come coincide through any specific protest - the day is set more than a year in advance, follow to MARS.

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