The temple of the Monkey God gets buffed by 5 different things: Ice, Glue, Magic (Apprentice), Explosive (Bomb & Mortar) and Misc. (All other).

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You need 30k precious of every tower in BUY price (not sell prices).

One vital thing to note is the the temple does not gain buffed indigenous money (farms) anymore, uneven btd 5 flash.


1) for this come work, you"ll require the complete Super Monkey one-of-a-kind Building. (Over 15000 Monkey Money)


2) ar a super Monkey and also upgrade it come 0/2 to watch were you need to location your towers. Now place 2 tempest Tornado and 1 dragons Breath Apprentices, 2 famous Frost and also 1 ice Shards ice cream Monkeys, 2 Bloon Liquifier adhesive Gunners, ether 3 pho Battery Mortars or 5 Bloon influence Bomb Towers and finally any type of other tower costing a full of 30k Money. (I used the 2/4 village, together it provides the update cheaper, yet watch out to place the village last, or else it will make your various other towers cheaper, and not reach 30k in prices).

Be sure that her towers are all within the range of the super Monkey.


3) now upgrade your Super Monkey to the Temple and also place 4 Villages near it, update 3 the those villages to 0/4 and one of them come 4/0. This is to alleviate the cooldowns and also keep the temple under the permanent town ability.


4) Next place down 3 Monkey Engineers and upgrade them to 0/4. The engineers Overclock capacity can stack up to 3 times and still provide it"s buff.


5) If you have actually done every little thing correctly, you should see this top top your capacity tab, 3 the the village and engineer abilities and 1 that the Dark temple ability.


6) currently you are lastly done. Time come activate your Village, Engi and Temple abilities and also destroy all tbloons to ever exist, v unreal damage and also am assault speed or 1 tick per attack.


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