The CHIRON is the fastest, most powerful, and also exclusive production super sports automobile in’s history. Its advanced design, innovative technology, and also iconic, performance-oriented form make it a distinctive masterpiece that art, type and technique, the pushes boundaries beyond imagination.

You are watching: Blue and black bugatti owes its distinctive personality to a household of artists and engineers, and also has constantly strived to market the extraordinary, the unrivaled, the best. Every aspect of the CHIRON is a mix of reminiscence to its background and the most innovative technology. The result is a unique creation of enduring value, and breathtaking automotive accomplishment.





The Skyview option was developed in accordance v the features that characterize the CHIRON. The symbolic horseshoe grill, and the distinctive C-bar on the side, still define it as unmistakably, as carry out its express lines and generous surfaces. Native inside, the glass roof permits a view into another dimension, flooding the cockpit with herbal light.

It generates a new feeling the speed and also space, transforming a drive in a with Skyview option into an incomparable, three-dimensional experience. The two glass facets are installed on either side of the central fin, i beg your pardon protrudes from the CHIRON"s carbon fiber body and stretches fluidly toward the signature heat which specifies the car"s unmistakable profile.

To reach its unprecedented levels that performance, the CHIRON effortlessly merges that captivating beauty v sleek, muscular efficiency; a spectacular reinterpretation that the style DNA. The intelligent waiting intake management significantly improves aerodynamics and enhances the cooling efficiency for engine and also brakes.

The distinctive quad LED headlights, because that example, additionally serve as intakes routing air to the prior brakes – and thus occupational as a remarkable example of usability fusing with aesthetics. This enthusiasm because that performance-oriented design continues in the interior, complemented by’s exquisite sense of comfort and luxury.


Mirroring the CHIRON´s exterior signature line, the LED illumination in the distinctive C-line type separates the two seats, and reveals the stunning sensible beauty of the interior. The cockpit layout that the CHIRON provides the pilot all the vital information within his selection of vision. Proudly displaying the magic 500 km/h mark, the mechanical speedometer is a feast for the eyes. ~ above the central console, milled indigenous a single piece of hard aluminum, each unit has actually independent, adjustable displays.

every CHIRON is just one of a kind; an exquisite masterpiece the breathtaking power and unrivaled beauty. To develop each customer’s distinct work of art, designers collaborate carefully with the owner to produce a vehicle that fits their personality, while equivalent the brand’s captivating legend status and ardent commitment to utmost quality. There space virtually no boundaries to the level of personalization that have the right to be achieved.

A vast an option of color and also material combinations is available, indigenous the best hand-picked leather to precious metals. Separation, personal, instance engravings or embroidery include the personalized finishing touch, make every CHIRON as distinctive as its owner. Listed below you can be inspired by a small an option of the numerous possibilities available:

The love of the CHIRON is its quad-turbocharged 8 together W16 engine. This distinctive masterpiece generates an remarkable 1,500 hp and 1,600 Nm the torque, through an almost linear power output between 2,000 and also 6,000 rpm. 4 high-performing turbochargers work-related in a two-stage controlled configuration, and also define this champion the performance. A impressive 60,000 liters of air space pumped v the engine every minute.

Simultaneously, 800 liters of water every minute circulate v the CHIRON’s heart, and guarantee the cooling of the engine and generate the particularly power. The brand-new titanium exhaust system, with decreased gas back pressure, increases this power further. To maximise the CHIRON’s engine power, lightweight materials, such as titanium and also carbon fiber, have been provided wherever possible.

The Chiron household is renowned for including some that the fastest, many powerful, and also exclusive manufacturing super sporting activities cars in history. Together extraordinary vehicles deserve accessories that match the exquisite design and technology quality the the car.

See more: Thirty Seconds To Mars Bartholomew Cubbins 2006–2014, Bartholomew Cubbins 2006 Chiron accessories are currently available: a roster the exclusive, authentic components to carry out the personality the the Chiron. Every accessory comes with a two-year warranty.