Blue skies above, heat sand below, crystalline waters ahead, and also the place most likely all to yourself: you in Vieques.

A ar that feels prefer a dream, La Isla Nena is the ideal destination for those seek pristine vacations like no other. With astonishing scenery, this “sleepy island” provides breathtaking beauty in unexplored settings and is additional by intimate, breezy experiences, nearly forcing tourists to slow down and also take in nature. 

The beaches in Vieques are recognized for offering some the the many relaxed and also tranquil settings you’ll discover in Puerto Rico. The soft waves and uncrowded setting sets them apart from those in the mainland. V so plenty of locations to choose from, your most challenging task will certainly be deciding whereby to unwind and also soak up the sun. 

Note: Some that these areas are diverted beaches wherein you won’t uncover restrooms, trashcans, or other facilities. Please be responsibility and assist keep the island’s natural resources clean by packing out everything you brought with you. 

Here’s a perform of the best beaches in Vieques:

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La Chiva

Often ranked as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, you deserve to expect various shades that blue waters and diamond-dust sand at La Chiva, likewise known as Blue Beach. The beach, i beg your pardon is lined across palm trees and rich vegetation, gets pretty busy however never feel crowded. The water, which alters shades throughout the day, is really clear, and also you deserve to see the grass bed scattered across the floor. There space some rocky areas for the more experienced snorkelers, and shallow ends if you simply want to spend time bathing under the sun. There room a few gazebos on-site, and restrooms. While visitors have the right to enjoy the beach, hikers are not enabled to venture into closed portions of the reserve.


Playita Negra or black color Sand Beach

One of the most dramatic and extraordinary landscapes is Playita Negra, whereby the turquoise waves brush versus the black-sand shore. A refreshing vision for coast lovers, the color of this coast derives native the offshore volcanic rocks. The coast is surrounding by gold cliffs, brief bushes, and driftwood the make the scenery awe-inspiring. When this is not a swim beach, due to the rip currents, this clues is perfect because that hiking (about 2 miles long), relaxing, and enjoying the lavish natural surroundings. You can access this “secret beach” with Playa Esperanza. 


Playa Esperanza and also Sun Bay

These are the two most renowned locations in Vieques. Family members with kids prefer Esperanza beach because it is situated near the pier, with numerous places to eat near by, while sun Bay– a couple of steps native Esperanza, is renowned for its easy accessibility and calm, slow waves. This beaches are an excellent for water sports such as swimming, kayaking, or just splashing about the water. Although extensively popular, over there is always a spot for you under the the shade of a palm tree, and these places never feeling “too busy.” 

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Pata Prieta or an enig Beach

Known as mystery Beach, the shallow, clear waters that Pata Prieta make it the best spot for rookie swimmers and also unexperienced snorkelers trying to find a job of funny under clear Vieques’ sky. The cove is located inside the island’s Wildlife Refuge, wherein you have the right to spot range of aquamarine life such as institutions of vibrant fishes, manta rays, and bountiful coral reefs. There room lush green bushes in the background and a few palm tree that administer shelter native the sun. Don’t forget your snorkel gear and also a camera!

Media Luna beach

Another best beach for households with little children is Media Luna (which translates to Halfmoon beach). A safeguarded cove past Sun Bay v calm waters and also white sand, this point out is perfect for experimenting marine life. The birds at Media Luna is shallow enough for you come walk around 50 feet offshore to play about schools the tropical fish. Lusciously environment-friendly hills match the see on both political parties of the beach. Because there are no infrastructure on-site, this coast is mostly secluded. 

Just six miles off the coast, Vieques is residence to a pristine wildlife refuge and also the world"s brightest bioluminescent bay. Vieques supplies breathtaking scenery, unmatched beauty, unexplored spaces, and also laid-back experiences.