Angels and Speed Demons is the 18th key story mission in Borderlands 3 (BL3). This walkthrough will guide you with all goals of the Angels and Speed Demons main Quest.

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Planet: SanctuaryArea: SanctuaryQuest Giver: LilithRequirement: finish Blood DriveRecommended Level: 33Reward: Money + Breakout Red Suit unique shieldMission Info: You’ve rescued Tannis! No time for celebrating though, the Calypsos space planning something at their stronghold. It’s time come rally your allies and also bring the fight to them.


Return come SanctuaryReport to LilithTalk to LilithHave Vaughn rally supportDefend Roland’s RestKill BraydenSpeak come VaughnAssault COV DefensesRetreat come Roland’s RestRegroup with VaughnGo come Konrad’s HoldFind Tannis’s concealed labGo the long means aroundOpen deliver doorBreak deliver doorBreak floorMelee minecartKill VarkidsMelee minecartEnter labDisengage couplings: 0/4Lower reactorGo to garageDrive Vaughn’s technicalDrive reactor come safetyDestroy huge gas tankMeet Vaughn in Roland’s RestSpeak to Vaughn

Starting Location: Angels and Speed Demons


Return to Sanctuary

To start the mission proper, head on back to Sanctuary.

Report come Lilith

Head approximately the bridge.

Talk come Lilith

Then walk over and also speak to Lilith.

Have Vaughn Rally Support

Fast travel to the Devil’s Razor – Roland’s Rest rapid travel suggest to meet up through Vaughn.

Defend Roland’s Rest

Once friend area, you’ll immediately have COV opponents spawning from external the camp.


Kill Brayden

Troy summons in some an ext enemies, in addition to an Anointed opponent for you come kill.


Take that out along with the remainder of the new group of enemies.

Speak to Vaughn

Head back up the hill close to the statue and also speak to Vaughn.


Assault COV Defenses

You now must head over to the COV stronghold, seize a automobile from the Catch-A-Ride and head on over there.

Retreat come Roland’s Rest

Turns out, there’s a entirety bunch of boundary turrets there and also they’ll blow you increase if you obtain close. Head earlier to Roland’s Rest.

Regroup with Vaughn

Tannis claims she has an Eridium maker hidden away that will assist out, head over to Vaughn up the hill.

Go to Konrad’s Hold

Vaughn sprints off, and also you need to follow behind him. He opens up the gate to a brand-new area, Konrad’s Hold.


Find Tannis’s surprise Lab

Tannis defines she offered this area come covertly practice her Siren powers. Head toward the objective, acquisition out any enemies you find along the way.

Go the Long method Around

The front entrance is blocked, so you’ll have to take the lengthy route v all the adversaries to obtain inside.

Open transport Door

Head over to the 3 doors at the far West the the area and try all the marked switches.


Break carry Door

None that the switches will work, therefore head increase the monitor coming out of the phibìc door and shoot the red container top top the earlier of the mining cart.


Head within the freshly made hole, and take out opponents while heading come the objective.


You can more or less run past all enemies in these locations if girlfriend want, as lengthy as there’s not anything actually protecting against you moving forward. Once you gain to the far West next of the area, head up the elevator to progression further.


Jump across the leg then into the following room. Usage the vending makers if you wish, then head exterior to the following area. This area will have actually lots of Varkids in it instead of COV enemies. Among Hammerlock’s searching targets is in this area too so you can run into it there is no trying.


When you with the last room, there will certainly be a gibberish Varkid wait for you together well.


Break Floor

Shoot the large red pipeline to break v the floor.


Head down through the pipe, then with the next rooms towards the objective.

Melee Minecart

Tannis states to melee “Kate”, who is apparently the minecart in the center of the room.


Kill Varkids

A group of Varkids come out from the surprise doorway, dispose that them.

Melee Minecart

“Stroke” the minecart one an ext time.

Enter Lab

Head right into the brand-new area to go to Tannis’ lab.

Disengage Couplings: 0/4

Head over to the maker and shoot the 4 red tubes coming out of it.


Load Reactor

Head to the southern side that the maker and hit the toggle switch.


Go come Garage

Head over and enter the Sandblast Scar travel point.


Drive Vaughn’s Technical

Head down and also hop in the car Vaughn has waiting because that you.


Drive Reactor to Safety

Now journey yourself and the reactor all the method through this area come the other side. Take out or avoid any type of enemies in your way on the drive.

Destroy big Gas Tank

When you obtain to the final area your way will be blocked, shooting the huge red gas tank.


Meet Vaughn in Roland’s Rest

At the finish of the area drive the van onto the elevator, climate head with to Devil’s Razor. As soon as there head over right into the significant area.

Speak to Vaughn

Head up the hill and also speak to Vaughn to finish the mission.

This finishes Angels and Speed Demons main mission in Borderlands 3. Now the following quest The good Vault i do not care available.

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Next Up: The an excellent Vault

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