Cory Matthews, the titular boy, grow up in this long-running sitcom, a clip of ABC"s "TGIF" lineup through lot of the 1990s. (It premiered once Cory was 11 and also ended through him married to childhood sweetheart Topanga Lawrence.)

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Episode 1

His Answer

Fri, Sep 25, 1998 30 mins

Cory gives Topanga an answer to her marital relationship proposal; and also Eric and also Jack gain a brand-new roommate (Maitland Ward) after ~ Shawn moves the end to attend college. Cory: Ben Savage. Topanga: danielle Fishel. Eric: will certainly Friedle.

Episode 2

Her Answer

Fri, Oct 2, 1998 30 mins

Believing Cory and also Topanga have actually wed, the corridor throws lock a party. Yet when the pair arrive, Amy (Betsy Randle) confronts Topanga and also blames she for the "mistake." Cory: Ben Savage. Topanga: daniel Fishel. Eric: will certainly Friedle.

Episode 3

Ain"t college Great

Fri, Oct 9, 1998 30 mins

Cory (Ben Savage) filling his college schedule with challenging courses...and easily cracks under the pressure and flees to Mr. Feeny"s side. Mr. Feeny: william Daniels. Eric: will Friedle. Shawn: driver Strong.

Episode 4

Friendly Persuasion

Fri, Oct 16, 1998 30 mins

return Angela"s upset after she and Shawn speak to it quits, she shuns Cory"s sell of support, claiming lock were never friends. Angela: Trina McGee-Davis. Shawn: driver Strong. Cory: Ben Savage. Eric: will Friedle.

Episode 5

Better 보다 the typical Cory

Fri, Oct 23, 1998 30 mins

after ~ Cory (Ben Savage) is introduced to art prodigy Alexandra Nechita, he develops an inferiority complex and blames his lack of an abilities on his "average" father. Alan: william Russ. Morgan: Lindsay Ridgeway.

Episode 6

Hogs and Kisses

Fri, Oct 30, 1998 30 mins

after Shawn and also Topanga kiss while making a film, Cory think they"re harboring romantic feelings and also instructs lock to go on a date. Simon: Tom Gallop. Isaac: Brian Turk. Shawn: driver Strong. Cory: Ben Savage.

Episode 7

Everybody Loves Stuart

Fri, Nov 6, 1998 30 mins

Cory deals with expulsion as soon as he strikes back---literally---at a well-known professor (Fred Savage) that hit on Topanga. Cory: Ben Savage. Topanga: danielle Fishel. Shawn: driver Strong. Mr. Feeny: wilhelm Daniels.

Episode 8

You"re Married, You"re Dead

Fri, Nov 13, 1998 30 mins

Cory (Ben Savage) tries come prove Topanga doesn"t control him by authorized his pals in ~ a society featuring scantily clad waitresses. However while he"s there, he loser his engagement ring. Dan: Phil Buckman. Louie: Shaun Weiss. Topanga: danielle Fishel.

Episode 9

Poetic License: an Ode come Holden Caufield

Fri, Nov 20, 1998 30 mins

once Shawn refuses to review his work-related at a poetry reading, Cory reads it for him---not learning his poem"s about Angela. Shawn: driver Strong. Cory: Ben Savage. Angela: Trina McGee-Davis. Eric: will Friedle.

Episode 10

And in instance I Don"t see Ya...

Fri, Dec 4, 1998 30 mins

to become more popular, Eric (Will Friedle) creates a TV show similar to "The Truman Show" featuring his roommates, however it"s Rachel who becomes the campus darling. Rachel: Maitland Ward. Jack: Matthew Lawrence.

Episode 11

Santa"s little Helpers

Fri, Dec 11, 1998 30 mins

Eric (Will Friedle)---working as Santa Claus---gets wrapped up in the soul of giving; and also Shawn and Angela spend the holiday in addition to the Matthews. Tommy: J.B. Gaynor. Eric: will Friedle. Shawn: rider Strong.

Episode 12

Cutting the Cord

Fri, january 8, 1999 30 mins

Shawn and also Angela take days to the same restaurant; and Alan, feeling as well old to have a baby, thinks a motorcycle will gain back his youth. Kelly: heath Marie Wayne. Ron: Karim Prince. Jessica: Kirsten Nelson.

Episode 13

We"ll have a great Time Then...

Fri, january 22, 1999 30 mins

~ Shawn and also Jack"s dad (Blake Clark) drifts ago into your lives, that collapses v a heart attack and is hospitalized. Dr. Sanchez: Julio Oscar Mechoso. Jack: Matthew Lawrence. Shawn: rider Strong. Cory: Ben Savage.

Episode 14

Getting Hitched

Fri, jan 29, 1999 30 mins

The rift in between a grieving Shawn (Rider Strong) and Jack grows when they discover a letter Jack"s stepdad sent to Chet about Shawn. Also: Topanga moves in with Cory ~ they perform horribly in a video game for involved couples.

Episode 15

Road Trip

Fri, Feb 5, 1999 30 mins

Shawn (Rider Strong) go on a soul-searching quest with Cory, who shortly learns Shawn doesn"t setup to return home. Bill: arts La Fleur. Scary Guy: Mickey Jones. Sarah: buy it Smith. Cory: Ben Savage.

Episode 16

My infant Valentine

Fri, Feb 12, 1999 30 mins

Cory looks forward to safety Valentine"s Day v Topanga (Danielle Fishel), yet his mother"s premature birth labor may curtail his plans. Jack: Matthew Lawrence. Rachel: Maitland Ward. Cory: Ben Savage.

Episode 17


Fri, Feb 19, 1999 30 mins

Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga have actually trouble relating to one an additional while trying to attend to the Matthews" baby"s condition. Tommy: J.B. Gaynor. Dr. Markman: Michael Fairman. Shawn: driver Strong.

Episode 18

Can I help to Cheer You?

Fri, Mar 12, 1999 30 mins

A bride"s father (Richard Portnow), who disapproves that his future son-in-law, offers Cory $1 million come marry his daughter instead. Also: Eric make the efforts to adopt Tommy (J.B. Gaynor). Eddie: Scott N. Stevens. Cory: Ben Savage.

Episode 19

Bee True

Fri, Apr 9, 1999 30 mins

together the corridor tries to combine Dean Bolander (Bonnie Bartlett) and also Mr. Feeny"s relationship, her ex (Francis X. McCarthy) returns to win her ago by impressing her with his recent discovery. Mr. Feeny: william Daniels.

Episode 20

The Truth about Honesty

Fri, Apr 30, 1999 30 mins

Cory (Ben Savage) and also Topanga"s pact come be ethical with each various other is a cooking recipes for catastrophe at Rachel"s dinner party. Meanwhile, Eric dishes out the dishonesty once a coed sees him with Joshua. Chad Morgan, Trina McGee-Davis.

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Episode 21

The Psychotic Episode

Fri, might 7, 1999 30 mins

After numerous nights that dreaming that he kills Shawn, a freaked the end Cory (Ben Savage) refuses to walk to sleep. Meanwhile, Eric"s parents absent him out. Shawn: driver Strong. Eric: will Friedle. Topanga: danielle Fishel.

Episode 22

State of the Unions

Fri, might 14, 1999 30 mins

as the corridor preps because that Feeny and also Bolander"s wedding, Topanga"s folks (Annette O"Toole, Michael McKean) visit with negative news about their own marriage. Bolander: Bonnie Bartlett. Rachel: Maitland Ward. Shawn: rider Strong.