Brave Frontier numerous Heroes. Millions of Players. Be A Legend Now!Unleash your summoner powers and save the human being from corruption and darkness in this immersive and also addictive RPG Saga!

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Apr 6th, 2021
inspect out our events this weekend!

2 notes Apr 4th, 2021
Who in between Atro, Lance or Magress would heat your friendship, Summoner?


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5 note Apr 3rd, 2021

Apr. 15, 20:00 PST - Apr. 17, 23:59 PST

Guild Raid comes about once again this April! take it on solo Quests and also battle ceo Guardians as a Guild come earn great rewards today!

More details will certainly be the end soon, so please continue to be tuned!


Apr. 15, 00:00 PST - might 05, 23:59 PST

The path to the Frontier Spire is opening once again…

Amidst the plenty of blips top top the monitors that the Akras Summoner Hall inspection Office, one energy signature stood out from the rest. Dubbed as the Frontier Spire, no one yes, really knows when and how this towering framework came about.

Determined to discover out the nature of the Spire, the Akras Summoner Hall has actually sent the end requests for all willing and able Summoners to discover the Spire to uncover any kind of mysteries in ~ it. Your business will it is in duly rewarded!


x2 Exp (All Summoner Arc Maps)


½ STP Cost


Enjoy x2 Exp ~ above Summoner Arc Maps and also Half STP Cost as soon as you participate in Summoners cultivate Camp!


Apr. 15, 00:00 PST - Apr. 28, 23:59 PST

Running short of products for Omni+ Evolution? knife more Omni+ Materials in ~ the Omni Arcanum and also Omni+ Boost her units!


Frontier Hunter EX Season 85

Event Period:Apr. 07, 20:00 PST - Apr. 12, 19:59 PST

Results Consolidation:Apr. 12, 20:00 PST - Apr. 19, 23:59 PST

Reward Period:Apr. 20, 00:00 PST <01:00 PDT> onwards - begin of next season

Raise her rank at the Randall City survey Office by taking on its quest for the Frontier Hunter Season 85. Earn higher rewards together you rise up the ranks!


Apr. 21, 00:00 PST - Apr. 27, 23:59 PST

Trailing behind in her Arena Ranks? record up to your friends by earning x4 Arena battle Points and also get those Arena location Rewards now! Acquire more Colosseum Rewards with x4 Colosseum battle Points too!


Schedules may readjust without prior notification or advisory. Constantly stay tuned to our official channels for updates. Various other in-game events or special occasions not mentioned right here will have actually separate announcements including details.