The increase in manufacturing start in the early 1800s ultimately resulted in which of the complying with by 1848a. The emergence of a larger middle class in the Northb. A decrease in financial inequality in metropolitan areac. An increased need for farming workers in the Midwestd. The advancement of working problems in factories

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The map above shows the united States instantly following the a. I of the Northwest Ordinance (1787)b. Negotiation the the Adams-Onis treaty (1819)c. Passage of the Missouri compromise (1820)d. Negotiation pf the Mexican battle (1846-1848)e. I of the weaken of 1850
Which the the adhering to statements would certainly be abolitionist claim supported the principles expressed in the excerpt?a. Southern states had the government to restrict African-American native owning firearmsb. The immorality the slavery had a widespread corrupting impact on southern culturec. The constitution hosted that enslaved civilization were legally thought about property d. Southern interests depended on the job of enslaved people, while the contribute of bad white citizens were minimal
Which of the following ideal characterizes the activists who attended the Seneca falls Convention?a. The advocated for far better working problems for childrenb. They called for increased women"s rightsc. They supported Theodore Roosevelt because that presidentd. They promoted for the conservation of organic resourcese. Lock endorsed assimilation of American-Indians right into white society
An important repercussion of the "tariff the abominations" (1828) is the it brought about the a. Taxation of customer itemsb. Reelection the Andrew Jacksonc. Enunciation the the doctrine of nullification d. Alliance of southerly planters & western farmerse. Expansion of the brand-new England textile industry
Andrew Jackson supported every one of the complying with EXCEPTa. Indian removalb. The right of nullification (state"s ignoring commonwealth law)c. The remove of commonwealth deposits from the financial institution of the United says d. Addition of brand-new territorye. Use of the Presidential veto power
The many important determinants in Andrew Jackson"s effective bid for the presidency in 1828 was his a. An option of john C. Calhoun together his running mateb. Reputation as a hero the the battle of 1812c. Commitment come broad-based social reformd. Reputation as an pundit thinker and also writere. Considerable experience in elective office
In the an initial half of the 19th century, Cherokee efforts to retain your tribal floor in Georgia received direct support froma. White inhabitants of Oklahomab. Chairman Andrew Jacksonc. The United states Supreme Court d. The autonomous presse. The United claims Congress
Which of the adhering to factors finest explains the territorial development of enslavement in the center of the 19th centurya. The belief in Manifest Destiny encouraged settlers to relocate to the Westb. The mexican - American War included extensive brand-new lands into the Unites claims c. The climb of market in the phibìc created more demand for raw products such together cottond. The farming nativist activity sought to place limitations on brand-new immigrants
In the mid- 19th century, the procedure shown in the map was promoted by pendant of which of the following ideologies?a. Republicanismb. Abolitionismc. Progressivismd. Manifest Destiny
Which of the following contributed most straight to the populace movement explained in the excerpt a. The discovery of goldb. The overcultivation the southeastern soilc. The expansion of commercial manufacturing d. The decrease of the trans-Atlantic trade
The United states went to war in 1812 for all of the adhering to reasons other than toa. End British claims for repayment that Loyalist debtb. Stop France from recapturing the Louisiana region c. Stop the British form searching and also seizing American shipsd. Appease members of congress who advocated for ware. Resolve conflicts between settlers and American indians in the Northwest Territory
that Andrew Jackson had small interest in American institutions and disregarded American policies. By working out his strength of veto, Jackson nearly treated the presidency as a monarchy.
Briefly define ONE specific event or development that led to the view expressed in the image
That Andrew Jackson withdrew all of the money in the national bank and distributed it right into "pet banks" in the states because he walk not choose the national bank.
Briefly define ONE certain effect One certain effect of the political advancements referenced by the image
the panic of 1837 since Jackson required civilization to usage specie come buy government land. However, because people want to to buy land, financial institutions ran out of money and also led come a depression in America.
Briefly describe ONE difference in between the economic system of the phibìc & southern in the duration 1790s-1840
Briefly explain another important difference between the economic systems of the phibìc & the south in the duration 1790-1840
Briefly explain ONE important connection in between the economic systems the the North and South in the exact same period

United states History: reconstruction to the present (Tennessee)Alan Taylor, Emma J. Lapsansky-Werner, Michael Roberts, Peter B. Levy



American Anthem: contemporary American history (California)Deborah Gray White, Edward L. Ayers, Jesús F. De la Teja, Robert D. Schulzinger

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