Hi, Everyone. This evening we were saw by a beloved bird that i have figured out as a brown and white pigeon. Couldn"t find him in my field guide but found a corresponding photo on the web. He is totally white with red legs/talons, and also a dusting of brown about his head and also upper neck. My concern is the I"ve never ever seen one approximately here and also he seems really relaxed roughly humans (not to cite well fed!). This leader me come think that he might be an escaped pet. My garden is quite cat-proof back the neighbors all disregard the curfew, for this reason plenty that potential preditors. Deserve to anyone advise what my ideal course of action is? He"s welcome to remain as lengthy as the likes, but if the is domesticated, he might be vulnerable. Any kind of advice? Cheers, Buster.

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Well, just an update. Our small visitor (now named "Fatso") has made decision to doss down at our ar for the night. He has selected a spot within our extended entertainment area, on peak of a water tank. Well out of reach of the regional feline population, therefore I deserve to relax tonight at least. Plainly very comfortable approximately humans, as he didn"t also wake up once I moved about right up close come him with a really bright light on. I"d say he has actually grown up approximately humans. We"ll watch if he"s still around in the morning. Night all.. Buster.


In what general area execute you live, busta? That might give a clue regarding the species of pigeon on her water tank. My suspicion is that it"s a feral pigeon, a varieties very much discouraged whereby I live due to it displacing native species.


Woko, many thanks for the reply. We are in a Melbourne outer suburb. Semi-coastal. Don"t see many pigeons about here. A few crested who stick to a little area near here. Tons of speckled turtle doves. Evaluate by his action (hanging roughly the house, comfort approximately humans), I would say this one is recently feral.


Quick update: it was also dark critical night to notice, but I have the right to now watch a (red) ring roughly his (red) leg. Go anyone know exactly how you review the ring? just how do I pick him up to read the ring? when I have read the ring, what perform I do? This ingredient is fairly alien to me. Help!!


I can"t speak I"ve ever before picked up a pigeon, busta. Yet smaller bird I"ve held in one hand v my hand high on the neck (not as well tightly, mental you) so that my table of contents & 2nd fingers enclose the neck & store the head steady(that"s the bird"s head. Mine waves almost everywhere the place).The different is for you to host the pigeon in both hands v your hands relatively high on the wings & acquire someone rather to check out the ring. From memory, that"s what I"ve viewed on several occasions. I"m wonder if the pigeon is a racing pigeon if it has actually a ring on its leg. The ring probably has a call number to call or some identification number. If there"s no phone call number I"d suggest calling the pigeon racing club or pigeon fancier"s club or every little thing & letting them understand what you"ve found.

Hi busta, let us know, how you space going through the pigeon.Woko, I"m quiet laughing about your "how to hold a pigeon" instructions,I love the way your head waves all over the place!! ~ one adheres to your instructions, the bird"s little legs, (not yours) need to stick out between the ring finger and the little finger. The way, if the bird survives every this, it must be easy to check out the number top top the ring!Good luck come the bird!! M-L

Thanks because that so ably completing the picture, Araminta. The pigeon, like me, is most likely flying by the chair of its trousers by now.

Thanks heaps, everyone.

Our tiny visitor chose to head for greener areas sometime so late this afternoon having actually sunned self on our patio all day. According to the Australian national Pigeon association he was more than likely exhausted and also just necessary a feed, a drink, and a rest. Hopefully he has discovered his means home now.

Thanks everyone for the an excellent advice (and entertainment).

So long, Fatso. Thanks for honouring us v your brief visit (I"ll clean the pooh up later...).

Cheers, All.


Without a picture I cannot comment, i bred pigeons as a lad, greatly red/dark brown Carneaux"s and white Mondaines. Sounds choose the former, as said, no pic, can not say.

With a tape on that is leg i doubt if that is a native, just pigeons roughly Melbourne suburbia would certainly be feral pigeons/rock doves and their interbred variants.

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Escapee I would certainly think, most racing pigeons/homers look much like the usual city pigeon.

HI over there - i was interested to see your comments as due to a huge tree being gotten rid of from the prior of my small apartment block part months earlier had 3 pigeons come that appeared to have determined to do my huge semi fastened balcony your bunk down spot. Regrettably they make so much mess -but ns haven"t wanted to try and encourage lock to move on until the weather was settled - among the three is a white and brown pigeon and when they an initial arrived it seemed that there to be a grey male, a female that looked a bit post fledgling and the white and also brown who likewise looked fledgling - but who keeps her street from the various other two - who seem to it is in a couple. The other two might have finally been discouraged by my balloons and aluminium foil strips flapping about but the white and also brown one is still over there - alone - ns am really very fond that her and she seems to to trust me - however am worried about her - one, the she has actually not uncovered a partner and secondly ns think she often tends to come back an ext during the day to stay out of the sunlight (or so that seems) - the is very hard because that me come discourage her since I am worried about her - want to aid her - wouldn"t psychic if she remained if there wasn"t so lot mess. Any type of thoughts? i am involved that white pigeons or white and brown are rejected by potential mates -is there some genetic mutation the is not appealing as a mate? I desire her to live a happy pigeon life and also she is really an extremely sweet. If you have any kind of advice please help. Thx