Workers placed the finishing touch on a new rotunda attached come the Natali Student center at California college of Pennsylvania.

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The inner of a new rotunda nears completion at the Natali Student facility on the campus of California college of Pennsylvania.

CALIFORNIA – A new rotunda create a cool entrance come the renovated college student union at California college of Pennsylvania.

The inner of the enhancement to Natali Student facility features a scan stairway come an increased dining room in a $28.2 million job designed to ease overcrowding in the building.

The rotunda will certainly serve as a huge gathering an are and be called Heritage Lounge at the building constructed in the 1970s and also remodeled in 1992 and also 2000.

Construction started in the feather of 2013 under a job that to be scaled ago at a time when interim Cal U. President Geraldine Jones take it office and also the college was dealing with a deficit that $12 million.

While the deficit was eliminated, the college student union project is $1.8 million under spending plan when contrasted to building and construction cost approximates released in 2013.

It’s the very first time due to the fact that the 1960s that Cal U.’s dining services infrastructure were renovated, stated Larry Sebek, a vice chairman of college student affairs in ~ the university.

Prior to the changes, the dining hall was offered by a snack bar kitchen in the college student union, one that will certainly be replaced with a state-of-the-art, full-service operation, Sebek said.

“Students don’t want to eat in a cafeteria whereby they are going under a line and getting an enig meat slapped on their plates,” Sebek said.

Student Affairs workplaces will relocate to the second floor this summer. The women’s center, commuter services, the career and professional advancement center and also the internship center also will occupy new space in Natali this summer, Kindl said.

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“It is entirely student focused,” Kindl said. “There are many conference rooms wherein students have the right to hold club meetings.”

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