The Flint City Bucks have actually re-signed three Butler college players — Rhys Myers, Hemi Nasser, and also Grand Blanc native, Caleb Norris — because that the upcoming USL league Two season.

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Myers and Nasser to be at the love of the Bucks’ nationwide title operation in 2019. Myers logged 105 minutes of shutout play versus Reading joined AC under Kettering’s historical Atwood stadium lights on august 3rd.

"It was pure hard work and also grit and also determination," the English-born defender Myers called The Detroit News after ~ the match. "It to be a challenging game, yet we've replied under pressure. We've been that wounded animal in the corner all season. We come out strong and competed against anyone."

Rhys Myers | an elderly | facility Back

Myers started 18 matches in his an initial season at Butler, lacking just two due to injury. The Bulldogs perfect ranked 28th in the nation while posting 6 clean sheets.

Last year, butler made its third NCAA competition appearance in four years. In the final match, Myers top in his first goal as a member of the Bulldogs.

“Flint is a an excellent place; it's a great community that has actually come with each other to do Flint a fantastic place come be,” Myers said. “I took pleasure in my time in Flint in 2019, and I can’t wait to obtain started again and hopefully win another national championship.”

Before Butler, the center back played two periods with eastern Florida State. As a sophomore, he aided the Titans come a program-best nine shutouts. Myers earn NJCAA division I 2nd Team All-American and United football Coaches association All-American honors.

Hemi Nasser | Sophomore | Forward

Nasser joined the Bucks midway with the 2019 season. In his first two appearances, he score three objectives — including consecutive game-winners. Then simply 17, the attacker from Michigan’s own Vardar breakthrough Academy make a habit of late-match heroics.

In the 106th minute that the scoreless nationwide championship game, Nasser accumulated a wayward pass from a analysis attacker. When he released the round at midfield, Nasser’s pass separation four defenders and sent Ayuk Tambe on goal for the decisive breakaway.

Nasser made 7 starts as a student in the first year at Butler.

Caleb Norris | Redshirt freshman | Goalkeeper

Norris was collection to join Flint City for the 2nd consecutive USL2 season prior to the pandemic canceled plans because that 2020. The 6-foot-5 goalkeeper hails from cool Blanc, Michigan, and rose with the Vardar advance Academy prior to signing and redshirting through Butler.

He aided his Vardar side to the No. 4 ranking amongst U.S. Soccer advancement Academy competition in 2016-17, then became team captain because that the 2018-19 season.

Butler coach Paul Snape noted: “Caleb is walk to boost our goalkeeping unit and also make it yes, really competitive. That is hardworking, humble, and also dedicated.”

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The Flint City Bucks room the many successful franchise in the history of USL league Two. The Bucks winner their 4th North American Championship in front of a USL2 record-breaking group of 7,198 fans at Kettering University’s historical Atwood stadium on respectable 3, 2019.

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