Sing the wondrous love the Jesus, sing His mercy and also His grace; In the mansions bright and also blessed He"ll prepare for us a place.

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and when us all obtain to heaven, What a work of rejoicing that will certainly be! and also when us all watch Jesus, We"ll sing and also shout the victory! While us walk the pilgrim pathway, Clouds will certainly overspread the sky; yet when trav"ling days room over, not a shadow, not a sigh. cause when us all acquire to heaven,
What a job of rejoicing that will certainly be! once we all check out Jesus, We"ll sing and also shout the victory! Onward come the prize before us! soon His beauty we"ll behold; soon the pearly entrances will open; us shall tread the streets of gold. cause when us all get to heaven,
What a day of rejoicing that will be! when we all check out Jesus, We"ll sing and shout the victory! once we all check out Jesus, We"ll sing and also shout the victory!





Just randomly started singing this today and it won’t leaving my head ns haven’t heard the in 20 years! so happy to check out y’all redo this classics! i think Jesus is at the door and also trying to remind united state of this. Prepare the method for the Lord!

My second son passed away at 5 & a fifty percent weeks old, that day my husband and I stood together in the hospital, damaged hearted, no really learning what come speak and also they let me hold my valuable boy. Together I looked in ~ him, thanking the mr for the gift we had been offered for a brief time, this track came putting out and also through countless tears, the gentleness the was over there from the state instigating the event looked in ~ us v tears, offered his apologies because that our "loss" and shared that he and also his family members were Saved and also would it is in Praying for us. Ns am thankful come The Lord that one glorious work we will certainly rejoice with each other in the visibility of our Heavenly Father, Savior and Lord! worship Him through the storms, the is Faithful!

Kelly, Please understand that you space not alone. There space some groups that can be useful to you. I know that you are in the early stages the grief. Mine daughter died at 5 1/2 months old (preemie) examine out and also castle were really helpful come me.

I"m i m really sorry to hear I had actually a brother who passed away 2 years earlier from a substantial heart attack and also I"ll fly away to be played at his funeral

I lost my mam 2 years back to a massive heart attack, Grace and also Grace alone brought me v that, Jesus turned my crying right into laughter again, he totally restored me!! so grateful, guarantee he will perform the same for you, Love in Christ,

so sorry for her loss :( lovely to see your an excellent faith in the confront of it. I only hope I would be the very same in something prefer that. It"s an excellent to look front to heaven, and it"s all because of Jesus :) xx

I"m sure God experienced you on the day and cried with you together brokenhearted together you were. Hope he proceeds to heal your heart.

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