Believe that or not, "Catfish: The TV Show" is nearly ten years old. Yes, it"s been virtually a decade since Nev Schulman and also Max Joseph started helping to answer the all-important question: "Am ns being catfished?" each episode, our hosts take it a look at someone"s online lover and find out, just put, if lock truly room who they say they are.

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Over the course of thousands of episodes, Nev, Max, Kamie Crawford, and also all the other guest hosts have actually overseen some of the funniest, saddest, craziest and loveliest stories ever before to grace MTV — or everywhere else, for that matter. They"ve seen, filmed, thrown, and also lived it all. From Katy Perry come creepy middle-aged guys, from true love to frenemies and also beyond, the present has spent a decade solving the nation"s personal mysteries. And to celebrate, below are the 30 ideal episodes 10 year of TV sleuthing for our viewing pleasure deserve to possibly provide... Enjoy!

The perform kicks off through an absolute classic case of catfishing. Or does it? ours hopefuls this episode, April and also Dean, met seven years prior, in a chat room — psychic those? After creating a connection, they spent a whopping seven years chatting, i m sorry is every fine other than that they to be 13 years old to begin with. And that provides them both 20 by the moment Nev and Max obtain involved. Dean ghosted April at the very least once throughout that seven-year period, disappearing for two whole years through no explanation. He ultimately resurfaces on Facebook, of course, but, wouldn"t you recognize it, he"s got no cell phone and no other way of contacting April. Can this be more catfishy? 

And then, it just kind the isn"t. ~ the usual amount that sleuthing, our intrepid anglers find the incredible fact ... Dean is just Dean. And despite his typically being into a relationship, April appears to have actually a massive readjust of heart, so huge in fact, the by the time the two-month catch-up rolfes around, she"s acquired a brand-new beau. Soz Dean, we guess.

We"re simply two entries into the list, and currently we"ve fight a hella-complicated, catfishy mess. So, let"s rest it down. Cherie very first met Avion once he sent her a message claiming the they"d previously met. He additionally claimed that meeting came around when Cherie sold him a tablet. If all her catfish bells aren"t ringing in ~ this point, you"ve never seen the show. Yet it gets worse. That then transforms revealing his real identity into a game. At this point, many viewers are screaming in ~ the screen, yet Cherie"s into it.

The relationship blossoms into one of one adult nature, and the pair at some point arrange to meet. Avion, though, together we"ve every guessed through now, doesn"t show and proceeds to ghost Cherie. Once the "Catfish" team is top top board, however, Avion"s fakery is quickly discovered. Castle even regulate to guide him to confront his victim. Cherie, though, has currently met him. Her web boyfriend is actually a former friend the end for revenge end a debt. Or as she place it, someone "who doesn"t recognize his place." never loan money to your friends, people.

This is one of those "Catfish" episodes that left us with way more questions than answers. The point is, they have very small to do with the really case. However we digress. This story starts when Solana and also Elijah fulfill on MySpace, for this reason you already know something"s up. The usual ghosting and also claims of no phone call or webcam use ... Until Nev and also Max get involved. They uncover Elijah"s YouTube channel, for this reason he"s absolutely got at the very least one camera. But it"s not until they monitor him down that things acquire really interesting.

The team arranges to fulfill Elijah in ~ a arbitrarily house. As soon as they arrive, Nev is more terrified 보다 usual together the door opens. And also that"s because the male (named Joshua) behind it is absolutely terrifying. For factors that have the right to only be explained by the existence of cameras, they follow him into the house. He climate disappears into the basement, in search of all the world like he"s going to come ago with a skeleton dressed together his mommy ... And also never returns. He"s replaced instead by Elijah, that actually isn"t Joshua in a wig. That is Joshua? Where"d he go? Why that wig? Sooo plenty of questions, "Catfish!"

Ready for some more mind-blowing catfishery? This one proves that catfish simply get more and much more sophisticated. And the stories get more and an ext complicated. Us barely have actually a take care of on this one ourselves, and also that"s partly because it was just so ... Involved. So, Jeanette and Kiara are cousins. Kiara"s new girlfriend, Gaby, states she has a cousin, Patrick, that would it is in perfect for Jeanette. Gaby makes the virtual intro, and the pair obtain on choose a house on fire. The is until Kiara tells she cousin that Patrick could be fake. And that Gaby is behind it. Confused? You will certainly be.

Gaby catfishing her girlfriend"s cousin transforms out to be just the pointer of a very catfishy iceberg. After Kamie and also Nev execute a deep dive right into her life, lock come throughout something huge: Gaby has been posing as a man and also catfishing directly women because that years. There"s a entirety Tumblr devoted to her methods, which include image manipulation and also posing together a spreading agent. She"s serious about her craft, is what we"re saying. Gaby, or anyone she really is, takes period to even pretend to be sorry, and also we"re pretty certain she"ll store doing it. Therefore be careful out there.

This is among those "Catfish" illustration that provided everyone the creeps. It likewise features a riled-up Max, i beg your pardon is constantly a good thing. Essentially, 21-year-old Ari speaks to 25-year-old Lanum for four totality days prior to declaring love. Now, that have to be sweet, but this gift "Catfish," us all understand that"s not going to finish well. And also it really doesn"t. Because no one is ever called Lanum in actual life. After ~ the usual digging, Nev and Max make the discovery that they"re always dreading. Lanum is simply some creep.

Yup, he"s actually a 43-year-old man who need to really recognize better. Yet he doesn"t, therefore he provides his web persona to sway young women to send him pictures of an adult nature. It gets worse. He likewise reveals that 40 or 50 women have been on the receiving end of his scam, and then he has actually the audacity come say the he really does have feelings for Ari. Max eviscerating the guy is the least he deserved. All together now: "You"re that guy!"

Where Ari obtained to live one of Max"s more successful fishing escapades, Chelsea wasn"t rather so lucky. Transforms out Max is far better at predicting males than women. Walk figure. Anyway, Chelsea wants to know if Charles, whom she met ~ above a dating site a year earlier, is for real. ~ the constant Google advertising, Nev and Max decision it boils down to two suspects: Chelsea"s ex or her roommate, Dominique.

Max, though, is pretty sure it"s the ex-boyfriend. The roommate, the says, just doesn"t treatment enough come engineer every one of this: "She"s just too self-involved. She"s more into herself 보다 she is right into her friend." and guess what? It"s the roommate. She"s no self-involved; she"s in love v Chelsea. Quite one, Max. Despite all the fake file nonsense, Dominique and Chelsea actually attempt a couple of dates. Maybe unsurprisingly, the didn"t work-related out. At the very least they"ll constantly have Charles.

"Catfish" is regularly at its ideal when the entanglements don"t involve romance, and this episode most definitely was not around romance. Also from the start, Gemini is trying to find an elusive friend, rather than a love interest. She"s still just as sketchy as a catfish, though, and also Gemini wants answers. And, boy, go he acquire them. When Nev and Kamie have actually deconstructed the facility catfish web, lock come across a acquainted phone number, at which suggest Kamie threatens to quit.

Step forward, Ashley Taylor, once-caught catfish who is the bane of poor Kamie"s life. This time, though, the present takes a different tack. Fairly than just give Ashley"s lies much more screen time, they decision to stage an intervention. Yes, one actual treatment on "Catfish." The pertained to parties encompass two of she friends and one of her previous victims. Kamie gets she digs in, and also Ashley may well have actually made a breakthrough. Let"s hope so. Nobody is for sure otherwise.

This is specifically the kind of episode that underlines the need for "Catfish" to it is in on the curriculum. Today"s lesson: Don"t fat-shame your cousin. She will tag girlfriend back, in a huge way. Bad Antwane had no idea what had hit the by the time Nev and Max rolled out of town. He"s to be speaking come Tony for 3 years, and his cousin Carmen desires to make certain he wasn"t gift catfished. For this reason she contacts the show, pointing out that the pair met on a conversation line. Yup, an really phone. No internet required.

Having dubbed in the team herself, Carmen climate leads lock on a tourism of Cincinnati"s many attractive condemned properties. She also makes them think Tony is in prison before grandly announcing the she is, in fact, Tony. Antwane is crushed. And her reason for breaking his heart? "You need to never have referred to as me a fat a** Kelly Price!" and even in the catch-up she"s unrepentant, resulting in a bust-up so substantial that it had to be heavily edited. Don"t mess v Nev, y"all.

This is one more one that those frightening episodes wherein the catfish might well finish up through a promising job in espionage. The lengths world will walk to deserve to be astonishing, i m sorry is miscellaneous Andrea Russett found out the difficult way. After learning there were a bunch the fake profiles the end there, featuring her, she family, and close friends, the YouTube star asked she fans because that advice. They overwhelmingly voted for "Catfish," so Nev and co. Dived in come the Fake Russett network.

The scammer had produced accounts for Andrea, she brother, her mom, and even close friends, and also they were great — so an excellent that people who knew the real Andrea followed them. And also the catfish was wily. There were continuous logins, and family members liked each other"s posts, mirroring the real Russett family. It took a lot of work-related to keep all this going. In the end, it to be somehow simply one woman running the entire network. But at least she had actually the great grace to own what she"d been doing. And she probably had a job interview v the FBI the following day.

As it turns out, Max sometimes isn"t an excellent at predicting men, either. He"s encouraged from the start that Brandon is fake, and also the reality that stated love interest claims to have had truck problem for three whole years yes, really doesn"t help. Kelsie likewise can"t think that transport concerns can really have actually kept that from her the entire time they"ve well-known each other. So she calls in the cavalry, who rapidly decide she"s walk to obtain her heart broken.

After basically calling Brandon a liar, castle somehow guide him to accomplish them and also Kelsie. They choose an out-of-the-way location in Missouri — never a an excellent sign — and a man pulls increase on a four-wheeler ... And a massive helmet. Is it Brandon? Yes. Correctly it is. He"s just really bad with trucks. And women. That said, he"s totally into a relationship with Kelsie. She"d even met his mom by the catch-up. Happy endings all round.

There"s surely only one factor this episode made the list, and it"s no the Maserati. It"s acquired to be the most polite rejection the present will ever before see, however we"ll acquire to that presently. Robin, bless her, is worried about the odd behavior her online various other half, Wayne, has actually been exhibiting. Because that a start, she"s only acquired one snapshot of the — after 3 years. Then there"s the reality that he constantly calls from a private number, and also she"s never had actually a number for him. Oh, and he asked because that $300 for a phone. Alarm bells should definitely have been ringing. 

But there"s a twist! He"s not fake — he"s just super rich. Play "Secret Millionaire" through Robin was just a test, and also she passed through flying colors. There space some conditions, though, and they mainly involve numerous other women, which leader Robin to the previously mentioned rejection: "That is no my cup that tea." Beautiful. Brothers in that restraint, an effective in that is principles. Love her.

Here"s an additional reason "Catfish" need to be teach in schools: Some world it seems, have a tiny too lot time on their hands and also no appreciation for those who could not. Caitlyn and also Kenton met top top Facebook, and also things to be going so fine he argued she and also her daughter move to Kentucky to be with him. Caitlyn, though, had her suspicions. Firstly, he asserted to it is in Nev"s an individual trainer. In Kentucky. Why? then there was the weird way he declared to have actually done every the very same things she had, yet only after she"d brought them up. Mirroring prefer that is a enormous red flag, FYI.

Kenton is horrified the there"s any question of his identity and voluntarily pertains to see the team to clean it all up. That"s great, right? other than for the component where he totally turns top top Caitlyn. The refuses to see that having actually a job and a two-year-old daughter might eat right into your text massage time, or that you can be tired after working and also putting said daughter to bed. No, she"s simply a liar. Kenton, to ~ Kenton. Let"s talk once you"ve obtained a job and a baby, okay?

This episode should be filed under life mirroring art. Due to the fact that although catfishing definitely occurs, what"s really going on ends up mirroring the fictional profile in so countless ways, perhaps not so much the vampire thing yet basically every little thing else. Kya met Alyx ~ above a fang-themed website, wherein he declared to it is in from Sweden. But, together these things often do, the turned out that he to be not, in fact, in Sweden.

Alyx shows up to it is in a woman by the surname of daniel living in California. But when Nev, Max, and also Kya arrive because that the meet, there"s a twist: daniel is in reality Dani. He"s transitioning native a mrs to a man and has simply started hormone treatment. We"ll let Nev take if indigenous here, "They loss in love ideal there in the show. They go the end on a date and also they kiss." and also that"s the magic that TV sleuthing shows.

When is a catfish not really a catfish? when it"s your husband do the efforts to gain closer to you. Yes, we understand we"ve spoiled it, yet you"re not here due to the fact that you"ve never ever seen the show, right? Anyway, Candic gets a little suspicious as soon as a man approaches her online claiming they met ~ above a retail app she provides for work. Even though, as we mentioned, she"s married, she"s intrigued and also begins an digital affair v her mystery shopper. 

Her feel torn, Candic enlists the aid of the "Catfish" team to discover out that her new man might be, prior to she makes any life-changing decisions. This episode certainly brings the drama, particularly when it transforms out that she not only already knows the — she"s living through him. The twist right here is the hubby Titus wasn"t even trying to record her cheating. He simply wanted to recognize her better. It"s virtually sweet. Almost.

Oh, Daisy. Thousands of your mom"s dollars on presents for a man you never met? Or spoke to? perform you no watch the show? Yes, after much soul-searching, money-throwing, and mind-changing, it turns out the you just can"t trust people you accomplish on the internet. That knew? negative Daisy, though, to be holding the end hope the not just was Marcus real, however he would certainly be into her and only her. He to be not, or in ~ least, that"s what it sound like. "Let"s take it it from here" can mean accurate anything.

And the did. Marcus, who defined his behavior, i.e., horrific manners, by revealing that he assumed Daisy to be a catfish who remained in no way looking for a relationship. And he doesn"t need to thank anyone for presents he didn"t asking for, okay? Daisy, for some reason, proceeds to speak to this idiot because he now deigns to answer the phone as soon as she calls. What a sweetheart he turned the end to be.

Where part episodes showcase the technical ability of a good catfish, other can be resolved without anyone needing to lift a camera. And this is among those episodes. Jeff and also Megan met on Facebook and bonded over their common love that dogs. It"s as great as noþeles right? Jeff ultimately hauls his cookie to Texas to accomplish his new gal, and also she ghosts him. The thing is, Jeff is in the military and can"t just be running off to Texas at any time Megan decides she might be open to it. 

In measures the "Catfish" team, who, with barely any type of effort whatsoever, uncover a extremely suspect account belonging come Brandy. It"s basically the same to Megan"s, just with no pics. That was that easy. That course, it"s her. Brandy defines that the various other profile helps her escape her problems and that Jeff isn"t favor the others. Jeff, no massively impressed with the deception, politely considers her request for a relationship ... And then reenlists.

This episode surely made the list because watching Charlamagne Tha God crap his pants after warning Nev the you have to never monitor an angry man into his home is the ingredient nightmares space made of. And it might so almost have gone down choose that, but, together it transforms out, it"s an additional case of lonely hearts and also social awkwardness. And also inappropriate husband behavior. When Miracle meets Javonni ~ above Instagram, she trust he"s a music producer ... One who never has actually time to chat and also just wake up to have actually a sick relative. So far, so clearly a catfish. But Miracle doesn"t believe anyone would lie around illness like that.

Yes, miracle gets her heart broken. Of course she does. However it"s creepier 보다 that. When Nev and also Charlamagne come at the catfish"s lair, the strange behavior and also medicine bottles offer the entire team pause. Together it transforms out, Javonni is a woman named Kara, and also the medicine bottles space for she lupus. However when Miracle offers the hand that friendship come Kara, she ends up ghosted. What a mess.

Was this the ultimate expression the catfishing? as soon as Courtney wrote to the show asking for aid finding Isaak, the manufacturing team duly agreed. Yet when they contacted her through the great news, she had actually no idea what castle were talk about. There was only one explanation: her catfish composed to "Catfish" to pressure a meeting with his victim. And this to be after she"d told him in no uncertain terms to leaving her the hell alone. 

Courtney and Isaak met ~ above a dating site, however she broke contact once he sent images of himself the did not match his profile. Smart move. He clearly wasn"t happy around that and also continued to contact her. When that didn"t work, he apparently asked Nev to perform it for him. Dubbed out for his document of creepy behavior, including offering free massages to any kind of woman in the vicinity and then suing her for nonpayment, Isaak promises to change. Nev trust him, however no one rather does.

A better title because that this illustration would have been "Lucas & the Hordes." It"s a reference to the numerous victims claimed by Lucas, better known this days together Zac. So, if we currently know this guy"s a catfish, what"s the allude of the episode? To aid Jayme name and shame the catfish! and the best means to perform that? Catfish him. No, really. Castle actually have actually a mrs producer girlfriend the guy, together he apparently just accepts friend requests native women.

Thanks to said producer, Zac eventually agrees come the unavoidable showdown. Whether he"s proud of his success or just a moron, that confesses it all to Nev. When events lead come Zac handing his phone come the host, though, it transforms out that he"s recording the conversation. But it gets so, so lot worse. He"s acquired hundreds that nude pictures featuring his victims, despite having called Nev they had been deleted. And also then there"s the perform of present victims through notes to repeat him where they are in his scheme. Together a result, Nev and also Max adjust his passwords, but that"s hardly walk to readjust anything, is it? They have to really have thrown his phone in the river, a la Kidd Cole.

This illustration actually ends up being type of sweet, in a teenager drama kind of way. But isn"t that the suggest of gift a teenager? Derek met Annabelle on Snapchat following a poor breakup and also quickly dropped for her. However in the normal "Catfish" vein, they"d never ever even talked on the phone, so meeting in person with a huge variety of cameras current was yes, really his just option. Nev and also Laura boil it down to 2 suspects: one ex-girlfriend and the sister the a friend. At this point, we kind of want it to be the ex.

Waiting for Annabelle in ~ the usual remote location, Derek can"t hide his surprise as soon as his girlfriend Jeremy gets out of the car. Is this a twist? was Annabelle Jeremy all along? Nope. He"s over there to assistance his younger sister, Becca. For "twas her every along. Having grown up together, she created Annabelle since she concerned Derek observed her an ext as a sister. Which, apparently, the did not. They were still with each other at the catch-up. And we assume Jeremy to be cool v the totality thing.

As Nev so coolly put it, this episode was "50 shades that cray." His words, no ours. No that us in any means condone this behavior, however we need to admit, Jasmine"s quite confident. As soon as Nick contacted the show, he had actually one advantage over many hopefuls. He"d in reality met — and kissed — Jasmine. And yet, he had actually no idea what she really looked like. Intriguing, no? Jasmine is well-versed in gaining what she wants, and what she want was because that Nick to come over, put on a blindfold, and kiss her. No, us don"t quite obtain how she did it, either. Yet she did. 

So, someone absolutely existed, and Nick believed Jasmine to be a pretty safe bet. She socials always matched what she claimed she was doing, and there were a ton of live pics. What castle found, though, was the Jasmine had done this before. Her pictures belonged come an Insta-model, and also she"d used them come catfish Jay G, MTV fact star and, it seems, victim. Jasmine is in reality Nicole, a super-smart, double-phone-wielding genius. And despite every the drama, Nick and Nicole stayed friends. Probably simply as well.

Where to begin with Spencer and also Katy? This bad man actually thought he was in a six-year partnership with Katy Perry. Yes, the Katy Perry. And, more than that, they"re around to be engaged. How? fine ... We"re still not sure, to it is in honest, but even ~ the catfish admits to Spencer"s confront that it"s her and not the Grammy-winning singer the he"s been talking to, that doesn"t really believe it.

Alarm bells begin ringing long before the reveal, though. As evidence of the real nature of the relationship, Spencer points out that Perry shares songs with him long before they"re released, and she walk it through YouTube. Uh-oh. When Max and Nev track Harriet down, a expedition to the U.K. To accomplish her makes small difference. Spencer emails Katy Perry (Harriet) when he gets back to tell she all around his vacation. No a happy ending, guys.

We need to admit, it"s a small concerning that even by Season 6 of "Catfish," we"re still seeing episodes where civilization have end up being engaged to who they"ve never met. And also that is exactly the situation Colleen finds herself in through her fiancé, Tony. Now, admittedly, this particular instance turn out far better than anyone can ever have actually expected, yet the allude stands. Not everyone is a Tony.

When it turns out that Tony is utilizing fake profile pics, we"re all persuaded that this will finish badly for Colleen. No one ever uses fake pictures for great ... Other than for Tony, the is. Although that was using fake pics, that was through caution and not malice. Hey, there"s nothing wrong with making certain you"re safe, right? whether or no the ends justified the means, it paid off: Colleen and also Tony are married and also have a kid these days.

Despite the detective nature the "Catfish," this illustration is together close as it"s ever concerned being a true crime show, although we"re not really certain what purpose it served. Lengthy story short: Nev and Max investigate the completely non-catfish habits of a previous catfish who checked out jail for her catfish crimes. We"re talking about one Shelley Chartier, that intercepted a bunch that texts between Paris, this week"s hopeful, and also NBA star chris Anderson. She caused a vast scandal and was convicted in Canada, wherein she served her sentence.

Paris, though, isn"t encouraged Chartier won"t carry out it again and also sends Nev and Max come the leaf of the civilization (read: Canada) to find out what she"s increase to. Follow me the way, we uncover the judge catfish is still wanted in the U.S. And also could face 40 years because that a separate scam. And also that"s around it, really. Chartier has little to say the isn"t blaming who else, and also everyone pipeline a little bit sadder than when they arrived.

Yes, it"s another rare happy finishing for "Catfish." but it all began so fishily. Savenia, proclaiming herself a catfish, asks the present to assist Dylan, her victim. The present agrees, however their reply bounces earlier and Savenia offered no other contact info. So, when Dylan contacts the team for assist finding she ... Boom! We"ve gained an episode! yet it"s no what you can be thinking. Savenia might well keep making allusions to she catfish status, yet really, she"s just being a teenager. 

Max and Nev, though, think she"s fake. If the "Catfish" rule apply, anyone who cases they"re a design is lying. And a model who functions in a fast food restaurant? Puhleeese. However here"s the kicker: She"s totes real, and she functions at Pizza Hut that she stated she does. So, what"s her huge catfish secret? She photoshops she pics. That"s it. Whatever else to be true. And also now she resides in Virginia with her boyfriend Dylan.

Two happy endings in a row? Yes, however only if you"re not Max, because he it s okay bitten by an ostrich. External of that, both Max and Nev space super heavy-handed v Lauren once she asks for assist finding Derek. Castle met as teens and talked because that eight years, however Lauren likewise got engaged and also had a baby IRL if they to be talking. She even ended her engagement when Derek blocked her on the socials. The boys spend a really lengthy time preparing she for the worst, which, at one point, contains dragging her parents in come it. Little bit far, lads?

Yes, actually, it was a little far, and also now you all look prefer miserable boomers. Since Derek is real. And also not only is he real, yet he"s all in as much as Lauren is concerned. They automatically go on a date, and also he meets her son. And also when the catch-up roll around, they"re still together. Thus the righteousness in Max"s ostrich wound. Even the birds knew he to be being harsh.

Well, if nothing else, this episode taught us never to allow Nev stand near a river when he"s holding your phone. Yes, this is the bit where Mr. Smiley loser his cool and also trashes a guy"s cell. The dude absolutely deserved it, though. Having actually scammed Lucille out of a literal ton the money, you"d think the male would be just a tad little remorseful. Nope. Therefore Nev"s strong rejection that Kidd Cole and his complete nonsense.

Kidd Cole additionally reminded united state that, but much you desire to be talk to her favorite artist, you virtually certainly aren"t. And whoever you room talking come is probably obtaining something nefarious the end of it. And if Kidd Cole is noþeles to walk by, you can narrowly escape something lot worse than shedding your money. Simply sayin". Pay fist to the show. It could save you some police-themed trouble.

Sometimes, a catfish causes more trouble 보다 they have the right to possibly comprehend. And oftentimes, the most damages is done when romance has absolutely nothing to carry out with it. That"s once catfishing can obtain closer come stalking than anything else, and that"s specifically what occurred to Falesha. Someone, making use of her pics and also calling themselves Jacqueline, is spreading hate and also drama all over the internet. And Falesha is recording all kinds of hell because of it. It"s time to take it a stand.

The catfish, Tracey, is super easy to uncover in the end. ~ all, she"s made very small effort come conceal her genuine name, not really seeing, or maybe caring, why making use of someone else"s identification to abuse human being might reason some trouble. And also her reason merely comes under to having taken an instant dislike come Falesha. And also loving "Hannah Montana." Miley Cyrus has actually a lot to answer for.

No list of the best "Catfish" episodes would certainly be complete without an figure by one of the strangest story they"ve ever before told. Poor Artis was in love through Jess, a model. Yes, we deserve to hear her eye-roll. The father of 3 was no hope to fulfill her, therefore enlisting Max and Nev must have seemed favor a good idea at the time. If only there has been some type of sign... Anyway, after much brow-furrowing, the catfish is lastly revealed, and also it"s a classic. Accomplish Justin!

One of the original and also most bizarre "Catfish" villains, Justin"s story is everywhere the place. Posing together a straight woman, that claims, serves a higher purpose. Jess exists exclusively to catch cheating males in action, and in no means to enable himself to speak sexy come men. Because, as he takes good pains to suggest out, he"s "obviously ... No gay." Yup. He later insurance claims the entirety thing to be a joke, but we"re not buying it.

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As insane "Catfish" story go, this one more than likely deserves its ar at No. 1. When Danny choose to commit to Rosa the end of every the ladies he"s been talk to, that asks the "Catfish" team for aid tracking her down. Friend see, Danny and also Rosa live in the same city and also somehow have never controlled to meet. Also, she appears to have a call for being a bruiser. And also yet, Danny can"t wait to fulfill her. Have the right to they help? sadly for your hopeful, they very much can.

At the end of a convoluted journey, Rosa turns out to be Jose, an outcome Danny had plainly not anticipated. Rosa was produced as a way to take it revenge top top Jose"s college bully, and the entirety thing clearly got an extremely out that hand. Having actually walked out of the an initial meeting, the looked together though Danny was done for good. But then he did something no one else ever has, at least to our knowledge. The prayed v Jose top top his 2nd visit. And also the men parted together friends. That"s the power of "Catfish."