The Workaholics guys have actually officially jumped right into the movie organization with Netflix"s Game Over, Man! the said, that looks favor the upcoming send-up the Die Hard has some significant roots in your TV years. Special, newly sat down with Blake Anderson to talk about the incentive for the film, and also he defined that its seeds were first planted when they shoot the classic "Office Campout" episode of their beloved Comedy central workplace sitcom. Anderson explained:

I think that was like once the seed of the totality idea of perhaps making a movie that was set in an activity world, ns think that"s where it happened. I think there was such a positive an answer to that episode, and even while us were filming it, the was prefer "Wow this is kind of cool to have those stakes, choose we space in genuine trouble." It"s really funny to have that kind of energy and also nerves and excitement and being able come bounce comedy off of those feelings. Being able to fall earlier on that genuine emotion. The feels choose a prime spot for a movie. I would say that is it right there. That"s the seed and also here"s the flower.

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There are some clean similarities between "Office Campout" and also Game Over, Man! Both take place over the course of a solitary evening, and also both follow the three key heroes as they attempt to survive and fight back in the challenge of a group of bad guys who attack their location of business. The similarities space not lost on the Workaholics crew, and as Blake Anderson defined to, the occupational done ~ above Game Over, Man! was really much influenced by the experience of working on that classic episode.

The "Office Campout" episode of Workaholics is also famous for offering up among the ideal jokes in the entire series. Specifically, it"s the episode that sparked the famous "Catherine Zeta-Jones, she dips beneath the lasers" Entrapment spoof tune that ended up being a fan-favorite moment from Season 1. Examine it out, below.

Having claimed that, there room some differences in between Game Over, Man! and "Office Campout" that help create a distinction between the two stories. Many notably, the Netflix film has actually real stakes, and the hazard to the three heroes is very real. By contrast, the "Office Campout" episode was a much more offbeat story in i beg your pardon the hazard was just in your heads, induced by eat too numerous mushrooms. Moreover, offered the truth that Game Over, Man! is a Netflix property, they"re enabled to obtain away v far more risqué and outlandish premises, such together Adam Devine going fully nude. The seed has actually sprouted, yet it has additionally become its very own thing together it has actually transitioned come the streaming service.

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Game Over, Man! will debut top top Netflix tomorrow, in march 23. Make sure to inspect it out once it drops and take a look in ~ our Netflix premiere guide and also our 2018 movie premiere guide to see what rather is on the horizon for the remainder of the year!


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