Guitars Over guns alumni and also the cast of The elaborate Entrance of Chad deity met after the play’s final performance.

All Sierra demonstrate knew around The intricate Entrance of Chad divine being was that it to be a play about wrestling. For this reason while the flips and body slams to be impressive, the topic was what yes, really startled her.

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“I walk not recognize it was going to be about what’s walk on in America,” said Shaw at intermission. “They’re really poignant issues human being are fear to touch, the fact of different races and the perceptions world have. They’re no sugarcoating.”

Shaw was one of ten alumni and also peer mentors native Guitars Over weapons who observed Chad Deity’s last performance together guests the Miami brand-new Drama. The acclaimed Miami-based regimen brings music instruction and mentoring to at-risk youth in some of Miami’s many violent neighborhoods. Your visit was an uplifting suffer on a weekend once South Florida was torn through the horrific shoot massacre at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school.

For many of the Guitars Over guns kids, the Dec. 18th show was their first time seeing a professional, non-musical play. However the interactive cultural satire was appropriate to turn them on come theater. The the actors (and characters) were Latino, African-American and Indian-American, talk in familiarly blunt, ironic, swaggering, popular music colloquial language around issues they’ve encountered in their very own lives, choose racial stereotypes and also struggling through the system, was a revelation.

“I walk not expect it to it is in so impactful and also have a article at the very same time,” stated Xavier Gustav, 17, who goes to north Miami senior high school. Seated next to the stage, a few feet indigenous the mugging, muscular actors, Gustav laugh constantly. “I obtain all the references,” he said happily – from the stereotype salad of “Che Chavez Castro” come Chad Deity’s hilarious habit of referring to self in the third person.


Guitars Over guns alums Britney Arroyo, Santamarie Arocho, Sierra Shaw and John Arroyo with Miami new Drama artistic director Michel Hausmann.

Britney Arroyo, 17, a junior at north Miami Senior, whose parents are from Puerto Rico and also India and also who watches agree wrestling regularly, was startled through the character of Mace, the Puerto Rican wrestler turned into a Latino caricature, and his Indian-American allied Vigneshwar Paduar, who transformed right into an absurd middle Eastern terrorist.

“I i will not ~ think they’d take on how wrestling makes them play these ethnic stereotypes,” a wide-eyed Arroyo stated after the performance. “What they are saying about Indians and also Mexicans ns really understand.”

Seeing the actors pop up all over the theater, talking to the audience, calling because that cheers and boos, really brought the play lively for the GoGo alums. Shaw and her girlfriend Santamarie Arocho, 18, basked in the attention they acquired from Pierre Jean Gonzalez, as Mace, and Raji Ahsan, as Paduar – that winked, smiled, and also whispered come the 2 giggling girl in the prior row.

“I prefer the reality they acquire in her face,” Arocho said. “They’re really paying attention,” added Shaw.

Afterwards the team joined the cast and Miami new Drama employee onstage because that a closeup of the door reception. Lock met the actors, that were eager to pose because that selfies and answer questions. Jamin Olivencia, a former skilled wrestler rotate actor and poet, wowed Gustav and also Arroyo by informing them he’d functioned with WWE star man Cena.

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“I had actually Mace’s project – i made other men look good,” Olivencia said. “But i have learned one thing. Whatever you desire in life, go get it. Nothing let anyone phone call you any type of different.”

Jono De Leon, the Guitars Over weapons chief operation officer who carried the team to the show, to be glowing.

“It was a slam dunk,” he said. “Having these men being treated like adults in ~ something that’s so different from what they gain the opportunity to see, it is not part of the Miami they know, is great. And also for lock to have the ability to see world from a background prefer theirs, providing voice to things they nothing say.”

“Each one of them will go home and also say this play was funny and also I gained it and also it to be for me.”