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Princess' Vacation

Stella and Ikki head come what lock think is a vacation, only to uncover multiple surprises lied in wait. Meanwhile, Shizuku renders a visit home.

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E1 | The Worst One I

Ikki Kurogane go in on Princess Stella Vermillion an altering clothes. A duel will settle the matter, but Stella raises the stakes, obligating the loser come lifelong servitude.


E2 | The Worst One II

Ikki’s sister, Shizuku, enrolls in the school and causes fairly the commotion upon see him. V Shizuku"s arrival, Stella learns an ext about Ikki’s history.


E3 | The Worst One III

Shizuku invites Ikki to go shopping, yet is annoyed when Stella joins them. Ikki meets Shizuku’s roommate, whose machine helps the team as they conference some significant trouble!

E4 | The Worst One IV

Ikki’s very first official complement approaches! Unfortunately, he and also his opponent, Shizuya Kirihara, have a history. Worse, Kirihara has actually the instant upper hand because of his device.

E5 | The endure of the Princess

As a result of his selection match performances, Ikki profit an unforeseen following. Kagami gives Stella some advice that may save the princess and Ikki indigenous parting ways.

E6 | knife Eater I

Another college student wishes to be Ikki’s pupil, but doesn’t quite know just how to ask. In spite of her early awkwardness, Ayatsuji proves to it is in a tough worker and also talented with a sword.

E7 | sword Eater II

Ikki’s imminent opponent might be the most an overwhelming one yet. He’ll have to rely on his skill and also determination to help a girlfriend rediscover their honor.

E8 | sword Eater III

In an effort to aid Ayase and her father, Ikki difficulties Kuraudo Kurashiki, a swordsman from Donro Academy with the nickname “Sword Eater”.

E9 | Princess" Vacation

Stella and Ikki head to what castle think is a vacation, just to find multiple surprises lying in wait. Meanwhile, Shizuku provides a visit home.

E10 | Witch the the Deep ocean V.S. Raikiri

Shizuku"s next foe is none other than the student council president, Toka Todo. In the clash in between lightning and water, i beg your pardon blazer will arise as the victor?

E11 | an additional One: The Uncrowned knife King I

An innocent kiss shared in an enig becomes the catalyst because that a scandal, and also Ikki is take away by the principles committee on counts that "indecent" habits with the Crimson Princess.

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E12 | one more One: The Uncrowned knife King II

The stage is set and stakes run high as Ikki prepares to challenge the unbeatable Raikiri. In the end, that will it is in the victor?

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