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ArtistChris Cornell
Bootleg / Unauthorized
7 September 2006
3.78 / 5.00.5 native 153 ratings
#357 overall


Muy buen unplugged. Le daría más estrellas, pero la mayoría de ras canciones ras prefiero "eléctricas". PD: El covering de "Thank You" es un orgasmo...

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Dispatess Sep 04 2020 4.00 stars
many were never an extremely impressed through the songwriting the Audioslave. Well, this unsanctioned undercover recording washes away a many those misgivings. What a voice. He's most human when untouched through 2000's overproduction. Wish we still had him. The just downsides room the slightly negative audio quality and the tune transitions are reduced weird, however that's about it.
Nathanheins Feb 11 2010 4.50 stars
one of Cornell's big artistic moments. That seems here to be a an excellent songwriter, who fell on sloppy musician (tom morrelo ect.).The Audioslave songs yes, really sound suprisingly great here! billy Jean's power is for this reason much far better than the the upcoming album.
the really can shout. I'm not specifically keen top top what that did v Soundgarden and Audioslave (with part exceptions, ns admit). But this record is really good. A guy I lent the to commented this v "brilliant songs, performed in a really boring way".I check the tune rating in his statement, but completely disagree v the performance judgement.
one of Chris Cornell`s weak points has always been his live vocals. He could never attain the exact same standards. Top top this album however, the does an impressive job. On `Wide Awake`his growl in ~ the finish just makes your throat hurt, while for kris it is nothing.Some an excellent covers on here, many notably Led Zeppelin's 'Thank You`which Cornell renders his own rendition sound prefer Plant and also Page never ever wrote the song. It to be also an excellent to see some `Temple that the Dog`songs on here also.
This is yes, really damn good. Anyone doubting Cornell's voice throughout Audioslave (I was one of them) require only to inspect this album out. What a voice...wow.This is an excellent album. Cornell through a etc is plainly all the is needed for wonderful sound to it is in created.

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there are many bootlegs circling approximately the Internet. Regularly have a pretty trashy sound and are demos or live recordings native the audience. Unplugged in Sweden isn’t anything prefer that. It is one unplugged concert from kris Cornell the was broadcasted through radio, so the sound is rather amazing.As chris Cornell says in the exact same recording, he there is no played a solo performance with that many songs because that a small audience due to the fact that 1987. Well, he should have made it more frequently, because the show was excellent.Chris Cornell carry out a pair of song from Audioslave (“Be Yourself”, “Like a Stone”, “Wide Awake”, “Doesn’t remind Me” and also “Original Fire”), 2 Soundgarden hits (“Fell on black color Days” and “Black feet Sun”), two songs from the wonderful holy place of the Dog (“All Night Thing” and also “Call Me a Dog”) and also an amazing selection of covers: Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”, Elvis Costello’s “Peace Love and also Understanding”, Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You” and Marley’s “Redemption Song”.Maybe it to be that warm feeling from a little audience or probably he’s just acquiring old, but Cornell’s voice isn’t together high together it used to be. Nevertheless, the still sounds as the good singer he is. Playing only his acoustic guitar, the nudity of the songs make them sound together different but beautiful compositions ending up being a must-have because that Cornell’s fansThere are some really valuable things about this bootleg. First of every you acquire a couple of “never performed before” songs by Cornell. Second, you gain the best sounding live versions of two holy place of the Dog tracks. Third, (and this is for the “Seasons” fans) you can listen come Cornell’s acoustic side which constantly has sounded promising and also here it delivers.To finish this review, you re welcome take mine advice: pay fist on the end of “Wide Awake” wherein Cornell screams his lung out. The is yes, really an amazing display screen of vocal power.
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