What happened to actress Mia Tate ~ making a splash in the 2000 film "O Brother, where Art Thou?" Tate played one of the three "Sirens" in the Coen Brothers" movie, loosely adjusted from Homer"s city "The Odyssey." In the film, escaped convicts Ulysses Everett mc glitter (George Clooney), Pete (John Turturro), and Delmar O"Donnell (Tim Blake Nelson) stumble upon three beautiful females (Tate, Musetta Vander, and Christy Taylor) bathing in the river. The ladies seduce the males with song and corn whiskey, and Ulysses and also Delmar awaken to discover Pete missing, believing the Sirens turned him into a toad. 

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Tate"s memorable however brief role in "O Brother, whereby Art Thou?" trumps her only previous acting credit, playing a cocktail waitress ~ above an illustration of the Aaron Sorkin political drama "The West Wing." because that someone that was only onscreen for much less than 5 minutes, Tate and also the other Sirens left a lasting impression top top moviegoers. Here"s what the Utah-born actress Mia Tate is doing now.

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Following Mia Tate"s big-screen debut opposite George Clooney, Tate appeared on one episode of the medical drama "ER." among her acting credits room a collection of quick films, the mockumentary "Social Anxiety," the thriller "Friend Request" (starring the opposite "80s uber-geek Anthony Michael Hall), and also the sci-fi drama "Kessler"s Lab." Tate has likewise worked behind the camera. In addition to appearing in the web-based soap opera "Proper Manors," she created one episode and served together an executive, management producer top top the independent movie "The boys at the Bar."

In 2018, Tate make the change into directing through the attribute documentary "Campesino." The film chronicles a neighborhood of tobacco farmers in Cuba. While cultivating "Campesino" in ~ the RiverRun global Film Festival in phibìc Carolina, Tate speak to the Winston-Salem Journal about her enthusiasm project. "I dove right into the character of Cuba and the farmers, friend know, who space the people? I"m yes, really glad ns did that," she said. 

Tate appears to be much more interested in creating stories from behind the lens than in prior of one. "For me, it to be a natural shift from producing to directing," she continued. "Production is about finding people"s stories, and also it comes from a love that storytelling. I love the creative aspect that directing."