In Civ 6, girlfriend spend most of her time trying to develop up a civilization. What around those times once you require to bring a world to its knees?

Launching nukes is one of the most powerful moves you have the right to make in the game. Unfortunately, countless players don’t know just how this whole procedure works. Keep reading to unlock the strength of nuclear weapons for your very own game.

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Fission Accomplished


You can’t launch what you can not build. Before you have the right to build any type of nuclear weapons, you must unleash the power of fission.

Keep rising through the an innovation tree throughout your game. Eventually, you’ll have the alternative to research study Nuclear Fission. When you research study this, you’ll be practically ready to develop nuclear weapons.

The Manhattan Project


Unfortunately, you can’t just instantly jump to structure nukes. Girlfriend must an initial complete an intermediary step. Similar to in real life, that step is completing The Manhattan Project.

Over in Projects, inspect out her different alternatives for “Choose Production.” as soon as you finish The Manhattan Project, you will now have actually the capacity to develop Nuclear Device.

That sounds an easy enough, however completing the Manhattan Project involves having the best materials. Special, you’re walk to need uranium. That’s not too complicated to gather, but if you’re impatient to beginning nukes, make sure you conference the uranium sooner fairly than later.

Launch the Nukes


Here’s the fun part: friend are now ready come launch nukes! That method you need to make a hard decision: just how do you want to start launching these weapons?

You can launch nukes straight from the ground by utilizing Missile Silos. Or you deserve to launch them native the water by making use of Nuclear Submarines. Finally, you deserve to launch them from the air utilizing Bombers and also Jet Bombers.

Once you develop a device and pick your launching unit, you can launch a WMD strike on an opponent city. Soon, that city will be delete everything out, and you’ll be much better positioned to preeminence the world (mwahahah).

An even Bigger Boom


If you researching how to start nukes in Civ 6, chances are that you favor to create significant explosions. In the case, you may want to understand that girlfriend can obtain an also bigger eight from her nuclear attacks.

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Once you research study Nuclear fusion in the technology tree, you’ll have actually the possibility to complete Operation Ivy Project. As soon as you perform so, you will do it have accessibility to the best boom of lock all: thermonuclear weapons.

The thermonuclear devices take much longer to research and also build, but you launch lock in the same way you beginning the regular nukes. As soon as you unleash the power of this technology, though, you’ll see the time was fine worth it!

How come Launch Nukes: What’s Next?

Now girlfriend know just how to beginning nukes in Civ 6. But do friend know just how to unlock your complete potential as a player?

We wrote the finish guide to tall vs broad gameplay in Civ 6. Examine it out and also learn what your playstyle yes, really is!