We"re being asked come classify the given compounds as identical, enantiomers, constitution isomers, or not isomeric.

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Recall that isomers are molecules through the very same formula however different connectivity or shape. Isomers are classified right into two types:

Constitutional isomers: isomers v the various structures

– Chain isomers: different carbon chain

– Positional isomers: various position of useful groups

– sensible isomers: different functional groups

Stereoisomers: isomers with the exact same structures but different spatial arrangement

– Conformational isomers: various σ bond rotation

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Classify the following pair that compounds together the same compound, enantiomers, constitutional isomers, or no isomeric.

a. Same compound

b. Enantiomers

c. Constitution isomers

d. Not isomeric

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