In Conan Exiles, you have to go the Witch queen palace to obtain her Mask. This is just one of six artefacts that you should escape the soil of the exiles:
You can uncover her palace in the forget city of Xel-ha, behind the black garden. At the enntrance gate you’ll conference some enemies who can make her life difficult. So either you should have enough food, and medicines to accomplish the witch queen with complete health or escape indigenous them and also go through the garden till you the locked door of the palace. V the door you don’t need to do anything, a loading sequence starts automatically.

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Inside the dungeon you will certainly not find any type of riddles prefer in the screech depth nor countless opponents. You have the right to just go straight to the Throne Room, whereby the Witch-Queen is currently waiting for you and identifying you together an enemy. But you cannot attack her appropriate away since a magic veil separates friend from her. Instead, you must first take her two guards in the type of the god Dagon.

After all, they strike one after ~ another, so you just have to concentrate on one goal. However, what provides it daunting is the continual green laser beams, i beg your pardon will give you a lot of wellness if you was standing in them. However at least these announce themselves long enough, so that you have the right to disappear native the trajectory, if the light is tho scattered.
The witch queen it s her doesn’t assault until you death her guards. She fights through a double-ax, i beg your pardon can also do you mighty. In addition, she can move very fast, so you should constantly keep moving, so you carry out not get recorded by among her strong attacks.

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If you have actually killed them, girlfriend will find in their inventory the mask that the Witch-Queen , which, back worn, looks very snazzy, however should be of relevance to you, if you desire to bring all the artifacts accumulated to the altar the Chaosmouth. Friend should likewise not leaving the palace early and also once again go behind the throne. Here you can interact and also learn new recipes for Lemurian armor and also weapons.

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