What is customer Surplus?

Consumer surplus, likewise known as buyer’s surplus, is the economic measure the a customer’s overabundance benefit. That is calculated by assessing the difference in between the consumer’s willingness to pay because that a product and also the actual price lock pay, also known as the equilibrium price. A surplus occurs when the consumer’s willingness come pay because that a product is greater than its market price.

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Consumer excess is based upon the economic theory the marginal utility, i beg your pardon is the additional satisfaction a person derives by spend one much more unit of a product or service. The satisfaction varies by consumer, due to distinctions in an individual preferencesBuyer TypesBuyer species is a collection of category that explain spending habits of consumers. Consumer habits reveals exactly how to appeal to civilization with different habits. According to the theory, the much more of a product a consumer buys, the less willing he/she is come pay an ext for each added unit because of the diminishing marginal utility acquired from the product.

Calculating customer Surplus


The point where the demand and supply satisfy is the equilibrium price. The area over the it is provided level and also below the equilibrium price is called product excess (PS), and also the area listed below the demand level and over the equilibrium price is the consumer surplus (CS).

While taking into consideration the demand and supply curvesDemand CurveThe demand curve is a heat graph used in economics, that reflects how many units the a an excellent or organization will be purchased at miscellaneous prices, the formula for customer surplus is CS = ½ (base) (height).In ours example, CS = ½ (40) (70-50) = 400.

Consumer Surplus and also the Price Elasticity that Demand

Consumer excess for a product is zero as soon as the need for the product is perfect elastic. This is because consumers room willing to enhance the price of the product. When demand is perfectly inelastic, customer surplus is infinite because a readjust in the price that the product does not impact its demand. This includes products that are basic necessities such as milk, water, etc.

Demand curves are usually bottom sloping because the need for a product is usually affected by that is price. V inelastic demandInelastic DemandInelastic need is once the buyer’s need does not adjust as lot as the price changes. When price boosts by 20% and demand reduce by, consumer surplus is high because the need is not affected by a change in the price, and also consumers room willing to pay an ext for a product.

In together an instance, sellers will increase their price to convert the customer surplus come a producer surplus. Alternatively, v elastic demand, a little change in price will result in a big change in demand. It will an outcome in a low consumer surplus together customers are no longer willing come buy as lot of the product or organization with a readjust in price.

Law the Diminishing Marginal Utility

According to economist Alfred Marshall, the much more you consume a details commodity, the reduced the satisfaction obtained from each added unit the consumption. Because that example, if friend buy one apple because that $0.50, you room not ready to pay much more for the 2nd apple. In ~ the exact same time, the utility derived from spend the 2nd apple is reduced than it was for the very first apple. The principle is defined in the table below:

According come Alfred Marshal: Consumer surplus = full Utility – (Price x Quantity)


Assumptions of the consumer Surplus Theory

1. Energy is a measurable entity

The consumer surplus theory suggests that the worth of utility can be measured. Under Marshallian economics, utility have the right to be expressed as a number. Because that example, the utility derived from one apple is 15 units.

2. No substitutes available

There space no accessible substitutes for any type of commodity under consideration.

3. Ceteris Paribus

It states that customers’ tastes, preferences, and incomeRemunerationRemuneration is any kind of compensation or payment the an individual or employee receives together payment because that their services or the work that they do for an company or company. It has whatever base salary one employee receives, along with other varieties of payment the accrue throughout the course of your work, which perform not change.

4.Marginal energy of money remains constant

It claims that the utility obtained from the earnings of a customer is constant. That is, any readjust in the lot of money a customer has go not change the lot of energy they derive from it. The is required since without it, money cannot be offered to measure up utility.

5. Legislation of diminishing marginal utility

It says that the more a product or company is consumed, the reduced the marginal energy is derived from consuming every extra unit.

6. Elevation marginal utility

The marginal utility obtained from the product gift consumed is not affected by the marginal utility obtained from consuming similar goods or services. For example, if you spend orange juice, the utility obtained from the is not influenced by the utility derived from apple juice.

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Consumer excess is a an excellent way to measure the value of a product or service and also is an important tool used by federal governments in the Marshallian system of Welfare economics to formulate taxes policies. It have the right to be used to compare the services of 2 commodities and also is often used by monopolies once deciding the price to charge for the product.

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