“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” is more than a musical-comedy, the show is likewise helping destigmatize Mental Health. Top top the 6th episode the Season 4, Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) is in the hospital and every one of her friends space there to assistance her. Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin) is being a small too clingy and also protective to the point of kicking a nurse the end of Rebecca’s room. Meanwhile, Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz) and Heather (Vella Lovell) are trying to aid out in any method they can. Unlike other episodes that “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” that didn’t center around love or mock Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III). Instead, the illustration took the moment to existing how check suicide and also a diagnosis affect everyone, specifically if you have been misdiagnosed or in refusal of your own psychological illness.

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‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ ultimately Gives us The Diagnosis

In the beginning of Season 1, Rebecca was acquisition meds to save her anxiety and emotions in check. Rebecca is encouraged she was depressed, had actually anxiety, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). She has actually been cure over and also over again through doctors but never getting any better. But it wasn’t till her self-destruction attempt that she was educated that it’s been a misdiagnosis every along. This rather cheers Rebecca up and also hopes the it’s something quickly cured. The then cuts to a musical number called “A Diagnosis,” wherein she sings around how the can assist her discover out who she is. However when she finds out her diagnosis, she to be confused.

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Dr. Dan informs Rebecca she fits the symptom of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). BPD is a serious mental illness defined by pervasive instability in moods, interpersonal relationships, self-image, and behavior. Looking back at the past few seasons, Rebecca checks every the boxes however refuses to accept her diagnosis. Regardless of her medical professional telling her no to look up what that is, she did, and it provides her feel even worse. She continues to believe she is important broken. Yet Paula, her constant enabler, tells Rebecca to acquire a second opinion. They go to Rebecca’s old therapist come consult around her new diagnosis. Instead of insisting Rebecca or helping her deny her diagnosis, she provides her a checklist. After ~ hearing the set of symptoms, Rebecca take it a step back to realize exactly how each symptom fits.

A misdiagnosis is quite usual for psychological illness, particularly along the currently of BPD. Many doctors diagnose that as bipolar disorder, Post-Traumatic tension Disorder (PTSD), or unipolar depression. It’s refresh to check out a TV collection address psychological health and also suicide in this manner while placing in comedy and a attractive musical number to define BPD and also mental illness.

Everyone reacts Differently

Aside indigenous Rebecca, her friends have been exhilaration quite in different ways as well. It’s common for love ones to grieve or feel differently after who they love check suicide. Others try to it is in protective, pretend every little thing is normal, or over-do it through the support. Paula, who has constantly been a mother figure for Rebecca, decides to assist her every action of the way. And also she method it, consisting of helping her wipe after going to the bathroom. Valencia, ~ above the various other hand, take it it upon herself to it is in the voice the Rebecca. She write-ups inspiring videos about Rebecca’s road to recovery and sings about starting a movement, regardless of it being her bowel movement. She is trying come spin Rebecca’s rigid into an ideas with every live video she posts. Meanwhile, Heather make the efforts to keep the case neutral. She isn’t together maternal as Paula or beginning a activity like Valencia. Instead, she make the efforts to it is in the voice of reason. She make the efforts to save Valencia in inspect on her video posts. Heather speak Valencia the her short articles are more about herself 보다 it is around Rebecca.

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It’s not only Rebecca’s friends that are having a difficult time wrapping your heads around the situation. Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster) is suffering PTSD when he heard the news of Rebecca’s attempted suicide. The insists that as soon as he to be 10-years-old, his mom tried to kill herself. He ended up destroying his parents’ lamb dinner through confronting them about it. His parents deny his accusations. Yet it’s clear that they room trying come hide a suicide attempt v the flu. Josh, ~ above the other hand, trust Rebecca make the efforts to kill herself because of him. He is so persuaded of this idea, the feels guilty and hopes to make amends.

Accepting Rebecca’s Diagnosis

In the end, everyone accepted what happened. Once Rebecca visited the bathroom with her earphones on, she friends start to panic. She wasn’t answering your knocks or calls. Valencia panics because she left her pond clippers inside. Paula tries come convince anyone Rebecca will not pains herself. Then there’s Heather with an ax all set to knock the toilet door down. Rebecca reassures castle she won’t hurt herself however can’t promise she would certainly not. Valencia breaks down right into tears. She doesn’t want her friend to effort suicide ever again. However this is wherein Rachel Bloom provides Rebecca it seems to be ~ real.

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Rebecca speak Valencia she doesn’t want to it is in in a dark place and would work difficult in getting better for herself. Rebecca lastly accepts she has actually BPD and attends team therapy. Nathaniel’s mother finally admits about accidentally overdosing on resting pills and also reassures him she is no much longer in the dark place. In the end, we see Rebecca’s first step in getting better. Because BDP is a complex disorder, it’s something hard to diagnose and overcome. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” was able to give a message around the realities of mental wellness under one hour. It isn’t an easy fix that romantic entanglements or pills alone. After 3 seasons, Rebecca is ultimately addressing she issues.

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“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” continues Dec. 8 with “Getting over Jeff,” 8/9c ~ above The CW.