When you start a ceo level in any totally free play, that triggers a 5-second countdown. If you room able to kill every enemy in less than that, you start the following boss area instead of the next continual area. 5 seconds is in reality pretty basic to achieve if you space killing every the mobs in one shot. At max level, you deserve to sprint mode upto area 500, which properly lets you skip 400 level (because girlfriend are only doing boss battles)

My personal take is the it is extremely valuable up to about zone 150 or so, that's wherein you'll get the greatest returns at an early stage on. That's since you deserve to use the early stage ramp-up come quickly set up her formation and purchase the essential talents the really acquire your free play formation going.

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After that, its good to have however it's a luxury. Because that the price of each level that the ability, you'd get way more return from your spent idols placing points into abilities that help you gain more idols or that rise your max level.

For example, right now I have Sprint Mode permitted up come 300 yet haven't take away the talent any type of further.

I personally like Sprint setting up to at the very least 300 also because this permits you to have crusaders swapped in the 27th and 28th slot to usage Upgrade castle All before switching to Casey and also Rex come buy their rate upgrades manually.

If you have actually that talent, and if girlfriend have sufficient spawn speed, then once you to win the boss on area 5 that a cost-free play, you instantly jump to the area 10 Boss. This continues until you reach the area your talent permits you to use it until.

This enables you to carry out much faster runs ~ above the totally free plays.

Start new run in ~ lvl 1. Burn one speed boost so the you girlfriend can finish levels faster. When you with the ceo level, the rise in speed will allow you to "beat the clock" on completing the level. Beat the clock and you skip the next 4 levels, going right to the following boss.

Level this up so you deserve to sprint all the means to 250 and also crusader setup for cost-free plays becomes a very short process.

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