The latest episode that the popular history Channel mirrors The Curse that Oak Island aired on march 5, 2019, title “Due Harder”. Check out on to uncover out what wake up in the newest episode.

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In the brand-new episode, stack Lagina and also Craig Tester investigate the damage that a sinkhole led to at the Money pit drill website two days ago. This happened throughout the H8 excavation. In ~ first, the did not seem as serious. However, they were proven wrong, and now it may not be for sure to proceed the operation. Vanessa Lucido indigenous ROC equipment is concerned around the safety of every little thing surrounding the area. Note Monahan from Irving Equipment minimal thinks he need to put the vibro hammer ~ above the hole. This is a substantial hydraulic, i m sorry will eventually settle and stabilize the ground around H8. There is a chance of a bigger cave-in as well. They proceed with this plan.


Meanwhile, Marty Lagina, Dave Blankenship, Jake Begley, and Gary Drayton accomplish with a heavy equipment operator Billy Gerhardt to proceed the Smith’s Cove operation. Due to the fact that they have started this excavation, castle came across wooden and concrete walls, structures, and also a wooden slipway. The rock box drain is possibly the most necessary finding yet here. They expect to monitor it come the Money Pit. They only come throughout a steel bucket.

The following morning, the H8 operation continues. Rick and Marty call a battle Room meeting. Castle think around doing a dye test again, this time with fluorescent red color. This have the right to prove there are connections in between flooding systems and also the seawater. They decide to observe the result with 3 drones and a boat.

Later in the day, Marty and Alex Lagina, Jack Begley and also Peter Fornetti travel to Laurencetown, Nova Scotia, to accomplish with the members the the center of geographical Sciences to check out some outcomes of a recent water scan. They hope to locate a flooding system on the southern shore that the island. They uncover out there are two vents ~ above the s floor, which may be the evidence of a 2nd flooding system. Over there is additionally a triangle thing there, one more triangular shape on the island. The data is satisfying.


It is a new day, together Rick and Marty begin the dye test. They set up a the town hall area to see the potential color in the water live. Castle come throughout a problem with the pump and also the hose. The hose twisted and also could snap. Lock restart the pump, and fill the C1 v water. They include the red dye and hope the will turn out somewhere. The drones room in the air, while a team is likewise on a boat. Anyone is looking at various exit points, expecting to watch red. Dan Blakenship, currently 95, access time the city hall area. Finally, at Smith’s Cove excavation area, Gary Drayton finds part red dye. However, it may be a rust color from something. They take it water samples to check if there space traces from their dye. At the study Centre top top Oak Island, they conduct the tests. The test is successful, prove the dye came with all the way to the Smith’s Cove. The flood tunnel might, after all, be associated to Smith’s Cove. Rick comes to check it and also is much more than pleased.

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The main that started with a catastrophe and a cave-in at H8 the seemed favor an finish to the entirety operation, finished with some significant promises that make the all at once atmosphere in the team an ext than pleasant. Top top Oak Island, optimistic outcomes favor this one room rare, and everyone is conscious of this. What is to come? will certainly they come across more interesting findings? track in come the next week’s illustration to uncover out.