The anime has actually only one episode left and it has currently given united state all the goosebumps. Indigenous my personal perspective, Darling in the Franxx is one of the best anime because that this summer season. Before going to Darling in the Franxx illustration 24 Spoilers, let conference the happenings of illustration 22 and also 23. In episode 22 that Darling in the Franxx we have seen the Zero two is fighting every alone versus the Virm in the outer space, while remainder of our formation 13 is make the efforts to find a method for their future. We have likewise observed in the last episode that Hiro is worried about Zero two body receiving cut marks however then he ultimately gets to recognize that the Zero two is fighting in the outer an are against the Virm army. Therefore he decides to walk to outer an are to defend the Zero Two. The remainder of formation 13 members and squad 9 members sign up with with Hiro to walk in outer an are to fight against the Virm and also rescue Zero Two.

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Darling in the Franxx illustration 23 conversation

Now let’s start our discussion about Darling in the Franxx illustration 23, in ~ the begin of the episode we have the right to observe that Mitsuru and also Kokoro continue to be behind ~ above earth together with the Zero 2 body. When all various other members fly towards the Mars orbit, to rescue the Zero Two.

When they with in the line of Mars orbit lock witness the VIRM army has surrounding the Franxx Strelizia Apus in i beg your pardon Zero two was fighting alone. Our formation 13 members produce an opening for Hiro and also Alpha 9 allowing them come reach close to the Apus. Yet there was no a moment of relaxing for them, as a large Virm soldier start attacking the Franxx that Hiro and also Alpha 9. Because that the very first time in the Darling in the Franxx, Alpha 9 shows his side of human and also de-attach Hiro native the Franxx and also push him within the Apus Gate. Alpha 9 blasts off his Franxx taking in addition to him the giant Virm soldier.


As Hiro sit on the pilot seat of Sterlizia, he finds Zero two in really bad shape. The robotic tentacles are flying turn off the head that Zero Two. Hiro connect his head with Zero 2 tentacles and realizes that Zero Two decided to struggle alone as she want Hiro to stay as a human. In the interlinked mind, Hiro tells Zero Two, we promised to constantly stay together with thick and thin. It was an absolute minute of love and also the body of Zero 2 on the planet smiles and also she turns into a stone. Apus Strelizia take away its true form, yet what looks monster is Zero Two came to be so huge. Top top the earth, Mitsuru and also Kokoro discover their love ago again and also Mitsuru swore to safeguard the Kokoro and their baby.

Sterlizia launches solid beam ruining all the VIRM troops, yet VIRM has placed a big bomb in Klaxosaur delivery which can ruin everything. In ~ the end of the episode, we see Hiro and also Zero 2 decides to take this bomb in one more dimension through wrap gate and also finishing off the VIRM enemy.

In the end, all the formation 13 members questioning Zero Two and Hiro to come back safely to the earth and then they all can live a happy life afterward.

But this leaves us to assumptions, predictions, and also theory, making united state think what can occur in Darling in the Franxx illustration 24. Down listed below we will talk around the Darling in the Franxx episode 24 Spoilers.

Darling in the Franxx episode 24 Spoilers


Zero Two and Hiro bring away on VIRM 

At the end of illustration 23, Hiro confirms that they will certainly take the adversary by surprise. Us are likely to watch an epic battle between the VIRM army and Sterlizia. Yet a question right here arises, will certainly Sterlizia fight alone ?? as our squad 13 members space still in outer space, we deserve to think they will number a way out to go in other dimension and help Sterlizia. Maybe, Hachi knows a an approach to go v the plunder gate however who knows for particular at this allude of Time.

Happy finishing or Sad Ending 


Our key character Zero Two and also Hiro has finally united come one, even after every the hiccups and also Hiro blue horn confirms he has actually taken other form with Klaxosaur blood within him. It have the right to go both ways, maybe Zero Two and also Hiro die in your last battle versus the VIRM, as we cannot mean VIRM and also Papa to have a weak military on the various other side.

It can also go move towards the happy finishing where Sterlizia Apus form overwhelms the VIRM army and also destroying all your fleets and also troops and safely coming ago to the earth. It will certainly be exciting to check out where writer want to leaving the Anime, deserve to it walk for Season 2 or this will be the finish of Darling in the Franxx.

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Darling in the Franxx Season 2


There can additionally be a possibility, as the facts and also strength of VIRM military are not completely known in ~ this point in time. We have the right to expect Sterlizia and also Squad 13 members have to fall earlier to earth versus the VIRM army and making a plot because that Season 2 to come.