The shortest level the the temple of Elemental angry surely leader to the malefic pressure that controls it.


After showing the quest giver the page from the book you found, they think there is an additional page to it is in found. You are asked to walk deeper into the holy place to uncover the second page.


Reach the innermost depths of the holy place of elemental EvilFind the leaders of the greater TempleFind one of the Node Portal Gems concealed within the elemental Nodes(Optional) find the waiting Node Portal Gem in the Fire Node(Optional) discover the earth Node Portal Gem in the Water Node(Optional) discover the Fire Node Portal Gem in the planet Node(Optional) discover the Water Node Portal Gem in the waiting Node(Optional) Slay Cragmore the Adamant(Optional) Slay Dirgo Skysplitter(Optional) Slay Frall the Burning(Optional) Slay Hyrelgas the eco-friendly Dragon(Optional) Slay Jotun Rimeblade(Optional) Slay Periron the Red Dragon(Optional) Slay Senshock(Optional) Slay supreme Commander Hedrack(Optional) Slay Tempest(Optional) Slay Vyman the White Dragon(Optional) defeat 10 opponents in the Temple(Optional) Rescue Ashrem from the elemental Node(Optional) Rescue Darley indigenous the element Node(Optional) Rescue Grank from the elemental Node(Optional) Rescue Jaer from the element Node(Optional) Rescue Sargen from the element Node(Optional) Rescue Taki indigenous the elemental Node(Optional) Find all of the component Two Audio Commentaries: 16 total

Named Loot

Bonus XP

Discreet Bonus: 126 or under monsters killed (+5% Bonus)Aggression Bonus: 122 or much more monsters killed (+10% Bonus)Observance Bonus: 1 or an ext secret doors discovered (+8% Bonus)Perception Bonus: 3 or more secret doors discovered (+10% Bonus)Mischief Bonus: 29 or much more breakables smashed (+8% Bonus)Vandal Bonus: 38 or an ext breakables smashed (+10% Bonus)Ransack Bonus: 47 or much more breakables smashed (+15% Bonus)


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Pack: The temple of element Evil
Heroic Level: 7Epic Level: 30Bestowed by: 
Length: LongTakes place in: Lower TempleFound in: The Gatekeepers" GroveEntrance in:  The Gatekeepers" Grove
Heroic XPCasual: 2,940Normal: 5,220Hard: 5,540Elite: 5,860Reaper: 50+25.2 per skull
Epic XPCasual: 20,964Normal: 35,853Hard: 36,765Elite: 37,677Reaper: 2*(50+108) every skull
FavorPatron: The GatekeepersSolo/Casual: 2Normal: 5Hard: 10Elite: 15




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Known Traps

Random be affected by each other traps and also pressure key throughout pursuit


Chest in the entrance area


Temple of element Evil part One