Over the years I’ve checked out my fair share the oddball crossover RPGs, though i rarely have the opportunity to beat them. Dengeki Gakuen RPG: overcome of Venus very first appeared top top the radar in 2008, at the elevation of the DS duration when anything and also everything can get adjusted into a game. A set of multimedia franchises indigenous the Dengeki posting imprint must have seemed like a great idea to someone, sometime, somewhere.

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The main plot has already been blogged extensively on the forum, however here’s the simple premise. One night, the book-loving Kizuna and also her best friend the protagonist (who, for the benefits of discussion, chandelier be referred to as Sho) are investigating reports the a ghost raiding the institution store. Instead of a ghost, however, they fulfill Shana, that the novel-manga-anime collection Shakugan no Shana. She’s left the pages of she novel in stimulate to discover the one human being who’s meant to traverse the boundaries of the literary worlds and restore order to those novels in risk of disruptive edits and also scene subversions. This human turns out to be Sho, and the various novels room taken straight from the Dengeki imprint. Besides Shakugan no Shana, there’s Iriya no Sora UFO no Natsu, Kino’s Journey, The secret of Haruka Nogizaka, Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan, A details Magical Index, Asura Cryin’, and also ToraDora, with each title giving its own heroine to include to the party. Three other novels — Spice & Wolf, Baccano!, and also Inukami! — have currently been ravaged by the revisionist forces, however their protagonists deserve to be recruited to provide different services at the house base.

Despite that premise, the video game is strangely anti-fanfiction at heart. The many characters who involved populate Sho and also Kizuna’s empty school are explicitly explained as being not the genuine thing, however rather duplicates pulled indigenous the literary ether together Sho traverses the boundaries between worlds. Everything within the book worlds is in consistent need that protection against those that would look for to “improve” the narrative, consisting of quite a few characters who space unhappy with how their personal story arcs rotate out. Within the school, there is a fair amount that interaction in between characters of different novels however it’s every fluff, and in any case they’ll lose their memory of the location as soon as castle return residence for good, so it will certainly be like none that this extra-canonical stuff ever happened. Come the probable disappointed of many fans, nobody decides come take advantage of this in any interesting way.


Men in black color take some flak.

Cross of Venus has some fun making light of the fact that it’s a game, together as how Sho reaction to the message window that mister up once he’s an initial given a sword. Together breakage that the fourth wall is unfortunately rare, yet that knife sees an extremely frequent use. This game attributes a battle system that is much comparable to the of a sideview Tales straight Motion battle System, wherein the player-controlled character can run back and forth, dodge about enemy attacks, and also attack at will. The biggest distinction would be the in Cross the Venus there is only one player character on the ar at a time, with no AI-controlled backups in ~ all. The D-pad gives some responsive controls, including the up button to jump, and also each party member has a different collection of possible combo attacks and finishing moves. It’s also possible to chain character attacks together by pressing the X switch during a finisher, swapping come the next person’s large attack and also possibly the third’s together well.

There are six playable frontline characters, 7 if one choose up Mikoto the living Railgun in the post-game, and only three spots on the line-up, so part switching up will certainly be required from time come time. The last three ladies — Index, Haruka, and Misao — fill a support function in combat v the usage of Dengeki cards. This cards are just how the game introduces the majority of that cameo material, i.e. Plugging the whole Dengeki imprint. Basic cards come in two types: those called after particular book titles, and those called after characters in those books. Combining these base cards results in capacity cards that can be fitted to the assistance party members. Ability cards deserve to be additionally be boosted by merging huge numbers of surplus cards right into them, increasing their level and power. Several of these cards provide constant, passive bonuses, if others need energy costs and also charge time in exchange for an effective spells. While each supporting lady can only equip 4 cards, the player can swap between them openly in combat, and also in later boss battles this will be important to save up v the requirements for healing and also cover fire.


Well, castle nailed Iriya’s personality, in ~ least.

The bosses execute tend to be something else, in fact, however the entire collection of adversaries deserves a mention. While there are some issues with variety, particularly towards the beginning, and also palette-swapping is more pronounced in the final stages, the combat sprites in this video game are an extremely well done. Provided the broad range of genres for the selected titles — two realistic fiction, one low-impact sci-fi, five crazy combinations of sci-fi and also fantasy — the enemy species must reflect this, and also there is a big number of person or humanoid opponents that are as well articulated and also variable as any of the party characters, if not an ext so. Bosses are more often than no either copies or the original version of significant characters indigenous the novels, one of two people friends or antagonists, and they hold very true to your presentation in the initial media.

While the graphic in fight are top-notch, through well-made sprites and a wide range of backgrounds, the graphics external of battle are a tiny lackluster. The actual video game locales aren’t the bad, but as whole there’s a level quality to it that provides this video game feel older than it yes, really is. This is somewhat assuaged in the updated 2011 version, Cross that Venus Special, wherein the level top-down view has been changed by one isometric three-quarters view, but that’s no the variation on evaluation here.

The music room manages to administer a an excellent performance, at least, with several engaging battle themes and plenty of melody for certain people and places. Several of these were definitely pulled from the anime execution of the resource material, as were the voice-actors who carry out a most sound bites for significant and minor scenes throughout the game. Not only do the main heroines obtain into the act, but virtually every minor personality who shows up in the school has at least a few lines voiced in some minor conversation. Around the only one who doesn’t have actually voice-acting is the player avatar, except for bits screamed in the warmth of battle. Pan of the series involved in this video game would definitely be pleased, though.


Fear the tsundere tiger.

This also leads come what is most likely the greatest hitch the comes v this game: the player yes, really won’t acquire the many out of that if the or she isn’t familiar with at the very least a couple of the books-manga-anime collection it paint, etc from. Over there are specific puzzles and twists transparent that room much much easier to figure out through a little of background knowledge, though the video game does perform its best to aid the player through, regardless of experience with the irradiate novels. The player’s probable man is copy in Sho’s very own reactions, because even though he’s the protagonist, he still doesn’t recognize what’s going on in half the scenes he’s protecting. His possibly-girlfriend Kizuna isn’t much aid either, due to the fact that her usual response is “You’ll see once you obtain there” or “You must read the for yourself sometime.” If ever before there were a sign that this video game was intended to advertise the Dengeki brand, that would be it.

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Really, that’s the only excuse this video game has for existence: to promote the Dengeki imprint. For those that love the series featured herein, this video game can be a treat, yet even so some fans are sure to it is in turned off since their an individual favorite personality couldn’t be had the way they wanted him or her to be. Cross the Venus is a succinct experiment, but it pulled from so plenty of sources and also then walk its ideal to avoid significant spoilers on all of them. The end result is a lengthy list of compromises that somehow come together to make a middle entertaining game. Probably the player’s biggest obstacle with this one will be their very own expectations, because there’s small chance that this video game will be everything they hope it will be.