New Objective: obtain inside the facility

From the starting point, monitor the collection path through the snow straight ahead. You’ll at some point come across a doorway. Hack/Multi-Tool the keypad to unlock the door. As soon as unlocked, open the door for a scene.

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Following the scene, you will do it be provided the chance to either ‘Contact Vega’ or ‘Contact Miller’.

If you are going because that the no alarms run-through because that the achievement/trophy, friend MUST choose the ‘Contact Vega’ option, picking otherwise will have alarms sound and most of the facilities inhabitants will certainly be top top alert together a an outcome for the remainder of the mission.

New Objective: to escape the facility

When we regain manage again we’ll be outside in the snow as soon as more. Grab the do Parts indigenous the soil to her right.

We’ll now have to infiltrate the basic in order to escape from the facility. There are a couple of ways to execute this. Native the starting location, look at up and also to the left come spot a ladder the we have the right to Remote Hack right into place resulting in an upper level entrance point. Alternatively, we can follow the course to the end to discover a fan obelisk that can be opened – disabling the fan utilizing an EMP or remote Hacking will permit you to progression inside.

Option 1: The Ladders

From the start location, look up and also to the left to view a ladder that we deserve to Remote Hack to produce a route up to the walkway above. If you execute not have actually Remote Hacking, girlfriend can additionally look to the appropriate to find another, deployed ladder which we deserve to climb, follow the narrow course to the end and also then use the collection of snowy platforms to jump throughout to and also reach the walkway over the start.

Either way you gain there, over there is a weapons crate here with a Tactical Shotgun and Smoke Grenade. Go into the dual door here.

Loot the lockers right here for a Tactical Shotgun, Credits, Crafting Parts, Ammo, Mine Template, Credit Chip, and also Painkillers. Enter the door in ~ the finish of the hallway (and keep in mind the vent increase on the wall to the left).

Continue with the door and also turn right. Over there is a defense camera at the far end of the room. Usage the miscellaneous pieces of cover right here to sneak up to the defense camera and either remote Hack the (or sneak by) before entering the room at the end of the hallway. (This is wherein we would have actually come in had actually we taken the pan route.)
Option 2: The fan Shaft

After opened the grate and disabling the fan, go into through the pan shaft and also enter the tiny vent come the left. Loot the Crafting Parts top top the cabinet and the medical crate right here for a HypoStim Injector and Nuke Virus Software.

Climb the ladder and open the floor hatch over to reach a small office area.

On the workdesk in this room grab the eBook <01/03> (Billion disagreement Daydreams - component 3 of...) and also loot the med crate comprise Nuke Virus Software. This room also features various items: Ammo, Credit Chip, Battle Rifle and 10mm Pistol. The necessary parts of this room room the control panel by the home window and the feet in the ceiling.

The eBook in Marchenko"s office.

In the edge of the office is a weapons locker include a Grenade Launcher, Multi-Tool, Holosight mod, and Credit Chips. Behind the archive box of the drawer to the left the this is a Triangle Code and on height a med instance with a Biocell. The drawers approximately the room contain assorted Ammo, a HypoStim, Credit Chips; the weapon case has a Stun Gun and also some Ammo in it.

Now the we’ve got the eBook (and some other goodies), work-related your means back come the electric pipe – keep in mind the little hatch top top the wall behind the crates alongside this – over there is a breaker inside to disable the very first half that the electric hazards in the pipe.
Once you are ago in the 2nd hangar, jump back on the roof that the pipe’s room to wherein we jumped under from the ice drill passage.
Option 2: Navigate the assistance Beams

Locate the feet in the room over the regulate room and use far Hacking on the ladder come deploy it, and also then the laser net to clean the i up the ladder.

Loot the shelves right here for part Tranquilizer Rifle Ammo and also Crafting Parts and also then drop come the glass communication just outside of the room. From here we have the right to jump increase onto the orange beam top top the right and then run across the top of the drill to with the opposite side of the room. Monitor the assistance beam right here all the way across the height of the room come the right.

Drop under at the height of the stairwell in the corner, crouch end to the door here and hack/Multi-Tool the keypad to proceed inside. This is Marchenko’s an individual office.

Alternate course (requires Icarus Dash):After cross the support beam every the way across the top of the room come the right, pivot come your ideal while tho on the beam. You"ll view a sort of storage an are above Marchenko"s Office. Use your Dash aug to zip across to the storage. Seize the crafting Parts and Tranquilizer Rifle, climate pilfer the lockers right here (HypoStim, Mine Template, Shotgun, Stun pistol Ammo) prior to dropping right into the office through the vent cover. Be sure to time the so the nearest baddies don"t spot you!

There is a protection laptop which deserve to be hacked/Multi-tooled come disable the alarms and also the security camera outside. Top top the workdesk is an eBook <02/03> (City together Product -- chapter 4...), Painkillers and also a laptop.

The eBook in Marchenko"s office.

The office is full of loot, so rob the huge bucket of bolts blind (various Ammo, Alcohol, . (While you"re here, why no snap a display cap take self while leaning in to peek at a household pic the Marchenko? now you deserve to see the you both have more in usual than you thought...biomechanically, in ~ least. Awww, cute!) In the corner of the office is a weapons locker comprise a Grenade Launcher, Multi-Tool, Holosight and also Credits. Behind the archive crate of the drawer to the left of this is a Triangle Code and also on height a med situation with a Biocell. The drawers about the room save Ammo, HypoStim Injector, Credits and the weapon situation has a Stun Gun and Ammo in it.

Now the we’ve plunder everything, go into the vent ~ above the wall surface opposite the entrance door and follow it to the end. Fall down right into the warehouse area below. Grab the prey here before locating the weak wall. Punch under the wall when the baddies are furthest far on your patrols. Here you"ll find another little room through a big blue pipe in that – this is a faster way to the 2nd hanger but it is filled v electricity. Note the small, destructible flower on the wall behind the crates beside this – there is a breaker inside. Hit this come disable the an initial half the the electric hazards in the pipe.

Hop into the pipe and also follow it all the way to the end, timing your run to avoid touching any type of electricity friend don’t need to. (Note: If you have actually EMP Shielding then you deserve to run right through, unscathed.) at the far end, once you deserve to go no further, use the hatch to open up the pipe. We’ll now be in the 2nd hangar.

Alternative route (easiest with the Tesla, smart Vision, and also Remote Hacking augs):

Before the length of pipe with the timed electricity field, there is a flower on the right wall surface of the pipe. Utilizing Smart Vision you"ll see that, just exterior the hatch, there space are 4 guards and also a number of laser expedition lines. Go ahead and also disable the expedition lines prior to anything else. Now emphasis on the security again. The closest one of them has actually an activated job circuit he moves through. Time this guard"s movements and also open the hatch once his back is turned, jumping down into a small, barricaded area and hugging the barricade for cover.

The 2 guards to your left will chat and also disperse; one will begin a job circuit and the other will stay, fixated on his job and talking to himself. Now time the two relocating guards until they"re standing close to each other and facing away from you. Provide them some Shock Therapy and hop over the barricade. Use your amazing stealth to take out the other two guards and loot the area for the to reduce weapons and other pickups. There"s additionally a defense laptop (to turn off two much more area cameras) and also a breaker (leave this alone, it transforms all the electricity ago on within the pipe). Currently hop earlier into the pipe and head to the 2nd hangar.
Once you room in the 2nd hangar, departure the door here, being mindful not to gain spotted by the camera top top the left -- turned turn off via the alternate route -- or the safety on the right. (Note: use Smart Vision and also Remote Hacking come manipulate a switch on the wall which toggles the electrochromic glass between the obstacle course and also the pipeline area). ~ above exiting, rotate left and look come the left at the corner to uncover a stack of crates. Usage these to jump up on top of the room housing the pipe.
Option 3: Navigate the key floor

To do this, we’ll should head the end of the regulate room. Far Hack or avoid the protection camera top top the right and also proceed to the far end of the hallway here. Take cover behind the door and also wait for the two opponents just external to break-up up prior to knocking off the other who stays and also then adhering to the other guard down the stairs to reach the ground floor.

Locate the bunker ahead, and stay to the left together you sneak across and under this. There is a flower on the roof below that will certainly lead us inside the bunker. Head because that the much door, exit and also take cover behind the obstacle here. There is a 2nd bunker straight ahead. Unfortunately, there space two security inside, so relocating in through a comparable hatch beneath the floor can prove tricky. Instead, use the scissor background by the left wall surface (either making use of a Biocell or the Klipspringer jump aug) to reach the roof the the 2nd bunker. Relocate to the far finish of the roof.

At the far finish of the roof that the 2nd bunker, you’ll watch a stairwell ahead, a camera guarding the entrance and a guard patrolling in and out of the area. ~ above the bunkers to the right has actually a sniper guard, therefore if you have actually a tranquilizer handy, that a good idea to attend to the sniper. We want to get to the top of the stairway – yes sir an eBook and a faster way in the office at the top.

When the other at floor level walks off to our right, quickly drop down and also using the forklifts and also crates near the left wall as cover to relocate out of sight of the camera and the patrolling guard. Get in the tiny gap in ~ the stairs and also then climb them come the top as soon as it is safe to perform so.

Hack/Multi-Tool the keypad to continue inside. This is Marchenko’s personal office.

There is a security laptop which have the right to be hacked/Multi-tooled to disable the alarms and the protection camera outside. On the workdesk is an eBook <02/03> (City as Product -- chapter 4...), Painkillers and a laptop.

The eBook in Marchenko"s office.

In the corner of the office is a tools locker comprise a Grenade Launcher, Multi-Tool, Holosight and Credit Chip. Behind the archive box of the drawer to the left of this is a Triangle Code and on height a med case with a Biocell. The drawers about the room contain miscellaneous Ammo, HypoStim Injector, Credit Chip and the weapon case has a Stun Gun and Ammo in it.

Now the we’ve gained the eBook (and some other goodies), get in the vent on the wall surface opposite the entrance door and also follow it to the end. Fall down right into the storage area below. Situate the weak wall surface here and also punch it down to uncover another tiny room v a large blue pipe in it – this is a faster way to the 2nd hanger but is filled v electricity. Keep in mind the tiny hatch ~ above the wall behind the crates alongside this – over there is a breaker inside. Fight this come disable the an initial half of the electrical hazards in the pipe.

Hop right into the pipe and follow it every the method to the end, timing your operation to stop touching any kind of electricity friend don’t require to. (Note: if you have actually EMP Shielding you can run appropriate through the electricity, unscathed.) at the far end, once you can go no further, usage the hatch to open the pipe. We’ll currently be in the second hangar.

Once you are in the second hangar, departure the door here, being cautious not to get spotted through the camera on the left or the security on the right. Upon exiting, revolve left and also look to the left in ~ the edge to discover a stack of crates. Usage these to jump up on top of the room real estate the pipe.

From the finish of this platform, climb up on optimal of the fence and locate the hole in the roof. From below we can have a peek inside. There is a pair that inactive mechs in the centre of the room and also three guards will be situated about the one the furthest from our position. One will sit in ~ the far finish of the room, one more will usage a computer system on the near side that the room and also a third will patrol pack and forth.

Drop down onto the stack of crates just listed below the opening and use the walkway ~ above the left to do your way to the far finish of the room. Drop down as soon as the patrolling safety is away and get into cover behind the sitting guard. Far Hack the defense camera prior to performing a covering takedown and dragging the body out of sight. Head around the opposite next of the mech from the patrolling guard and now take out both the the remaining enemies one in ~ a time.

With the enemies dealt with, loot your bodies. One will have a Pocket Secretary (Our Friend), there space a couple of things come loot in this room consisting of an eBook <03/03> (Jus in Bello -- component 4...) on the workdesk where the first guard had been sitting. The other loot, summarized: Neuropozyne, Painkillers, Hacking: reveal Software, assorted Ammo, Crafting Parts, Credit Chips, HypoStim Injector, Stun Gun, and Stem Processor Chip by where the other guard was sitting. Remember to grab the Triangle Code in ~ the mech.


The eBook in the mech room.

On the earlier wall, in the edge opposite the security camera is a set of lockers. V Smart Vision active, you should have the ability to make out a button. This is situated on the back of the lockers – we can jump on optimal of the lockers and also look down behind them come find and also press the button. This will reveal a hidden object in among the lockers – Marchenko’s death Switch.

We’ll currently want come sneak over to the door listed below the defense camera and also stay the end of vision of the camera whilst us peek with the door. Over there is a guard that patrols native just exterior of the door top top the right, additional into the room away from us and then back again. There is a 2nd guard situated near the PAC ahead and to the best as well.

When that is safe to do so, sneak the end of the door listed below the security camera and head left. Hide behind the crates and forklift right here out of sight of the patrolling guard, but keep one eye out for the defense camera more along the wall. Once you locate the elevator on the left, behind a cable fence, relocate the crates out of the method to disclose a switch. Push this to summon the elevator.

Alternate route (this course presumes a full match of stealth-based augs and plenty the Biocells):

After dropping down right into the workroom through the three guards and two defunct mechs, use stealth to sneak the end of the room and throughout the hangar floor. The goal is to reach the much corner, whereby there is one armored auto parked next to some stairs. (This route initially passes the important loot and elevator previously listed, yet you"ll it is in coming back for it. It is arguably unnecessary, however if you"re a fan of acquisition out guards, disabling protection measures, and also picking up loot climate this is because that you!)

There is a patrolling guard and camera on the way, and also there is a really aug-endowed safety over right here in the corner; there is likewise a guard sit alone in a barracks-pod (he won"t suspect a thing!).. Once you obtain to the stairs, you"re golden. You have the right to Remote Hack a an equipment that rises out of the floor to provide some more cover. Either way, carry out a stealth takedown ~ above the auggie guard and hide his body. Sneak roughly the vehicle and behind the barracks-pod to find a window. Open up it and tranq the guard before entering. Within there is a protection laptop to hack, which turns off the camera you just passed. Grab the loot and sneak end to the next barracks-pod. ~ above the way, you"ll an alert a vent sheathe in the floor; the is a crawlspace the leads earlier to a hatch which opens into the workroom.

Entering this pod will set off a guard interaction outside of it, on the far side. Once they finish, among the security (who is also an extremely augged) will begin patrolling. Leave the pod briefly and also nab this safety in a stealth takedown leaving him what in the shadows. Currently go ago into the pod and hack the security camera in below as well. This turns off the camera in the far opposite corner (in the workroom with the two mechs and three guards. W00t!!

Now you can clear the workroom a little easier. Head ago there and also perform a stealth takedown on the remaining guard top top the way, again acquisition a minute to traction the body right into the shadows. ~ above your means to the workroom take something to throw at a wall, to entice a guard the end of the room. After ~ the first corner takedown, KO the seated guard and then the remaining guard. Here"s wherein this alternate Route matches up again with OP"s walkthrough. Thanks for analysis ^_^

Ride the elevator up to find yourself on the third floor. When the lift comes to a stop, continue into the next room and also through the dual doors come continue. Toggle the electrochromic glass through Remote Hacking to aid your passage.

There is a vent behind the crates come the left as you enter, but it’s a little bit of a red herring together it’ll put you in the room to the right with three guards and also although us do have to navigate said room to with the elevator on the far side, there is a lot easier way to perform so. With the electrochromic glass turned on, it is safe to loot the lockers for a Machine Pistol and also Painkillers. Over there is also a clinical crate close to the window with Painkillers and a Credit Chip.

Head v the door opposite our entry point and then easily through the following door come a tiny room front filled v dead ARC soldiers. There’s plenty of Alcohol lying roughly here if you must replenish her supply. Here"s additionally some Crafting Parts and a med crate by the entrance through a HypoStim and Neuropozyne. Continue through the following door when you are an excellent to go. This room likewise has electrochromic glass you can toggle for included safety.

Loot the lockers right here (quietly!) for a HypoStim, Biocell and also Ammo. Also note the vent covering high up on the wall surface to the right of the lockers, accessible via the stack of crates listed below it. Before heading increase there, poke her head right into the main room and tranquilize the fellow standing just by the exit. Proceed into the vent and open the cover in ~ the finish to uncover yourself over the room through the 3 enemies. There will additionally be a defense camera on your right.

With one opponent down, there will be two left, tranquilize castle both from the good vantage point you have here. When the area is clear, sneak right into the room behind the defense camera and use the security laptop to revolve the camera off. Over there is a piece of Breach Software in here together with some Painkillers, various other Hacking Software and Ammo. The laptop has an e-mail that explains what occurred to the ARC soldiers in the various other room.

Now the the defense camera is out of action, head because that the lift and also continue inside. Monitor the corridor to the end and exit to find yourself in ~ a helipad. Move over to the aircraft parked here.

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As friend approach, you will do it be offered the possibility to go now or to stay and also do some additional looting and exploration. When you are ready to progress with the game, choose the ‘Ready’ option to finish the mission.