The Disco balls have actually been trending over the previous year and also who deserve to complain? through the way it captures the light and also the tiny little mirrors, that deserves come have an additional moment in the sun! The revival of the mirrored ball gained our wheel turning. We decided we necessary to take it the timeless disco round to the following level. This Disco ball Ceiling installation is much an ext elevated 보다 the traditional and also will leaving everyone gawking in ~ your following shindig. Also if you’re no throwing a party, friend can conveniently use this item as residence decor. And also with just a few styling adjustments, this surroundings can transition from party decor to irreversible art piece. A millennial pink color palette brought it every together! Can’t you snapshot it in a chic small loft apartment through a lush velvet couch? I’m thinking something choose this or this. Long live the disco ball!

We were motivated by the tradition lighting fixture by lindsay Adelman in Ulla Johnson’s brand-new Bleecker shop. It’s gorgeous, right? 

But we used daily objects prefer the disco ball and document to do it more manageable.

DIY Disco round installation


rose pastel paper1″ diameter wooden dowelcopper spray paintpaper urgently templatebone foldercoral spray paintdrillclear, quick collection epoxyhot adhesive guncraft knife10-11 screw eye (.5 inch)1 cup hook (1.5 inches)6 frosted glass Christmas ornamentssewing needle + pink threadscissors


Sand down the huge wooden rod down, removing any bumps. Spray paint or if girlfriend have more time, copper leaf rod according come instructions on sheet packaging. Let dry.Screw 1.5-inch cup hook right into the peak of the 1-inch wood rod.Cut 6, 4-inch lengthy pieces the 1/4″ thick wood rods. Sand and spray paint or copper leaf to match facility rod. Allow dry.Make holes in the top and bottom that a disco round by drilling or cut a big enough room to on slide the large rod through.Using transparent adhesive or epoxy, place small amounts around the holes of the disco ball and secure it come the facility rod. Let cure according to accuse on the packaging.Remove the peak hardware from the ornaments and spray paint copper. Make small holes in the ornament toppers, big enough for the small rods to fit into.Spray repaint the bottoms of the ornament bulbs with a irradiate coating of coral spray paint. Allow dry.Place copper ornament toppers back onto each bulb.Take the copper, 4-inch rods and also insert each one into the top of the ornament, with the feet you made. Glue in place.Drill shallow holes, around 1/4-inch deep, in a circle about the facility rod to insert the ornament rods.Glue the other end of the small rods right into the shallow holes v a small amount of warm glue.With each flower, make a tiny loop of wire and also glue come the inside of the flower base, therefore the loop protrudes native the flower.Repeat because that 10 flowersScrew 10 tiny hooks into the large center pole in 2 rows, 5 hooks because that each row. Attach a run ring to every hook and then attach each flower to a run ring.Take 3 fans and glue the edges together to create a lengthy piece. Glue the last fan to the an initial so that the fans are all combined to type a circle.Thread a needle and also sew through the within edge that the folded record fans. Slide the fan circle onto the 1-inch rod.

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Traction the thread tightly till the opening fits snuggly around the rod.Hot glue the within edges the the file fans come the 1-inch rod if necessary.Use epoxy to attach the 4-inch disco ball to the bottom the the 1-inch pole and permit to collection according come the indict on the package.

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