Group: Chapter 6 - The Hunt for Dallis

Starting Map: Arx

The easiest means to start this search is to talk to Toyseller Sanders. Friend will discover him in his house in Arx.

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Toyseller SandersArx

Report on the ToysellerArx

Password Locked DeskArx

1. Met Creep

Talk come Toyseller Sanders.

We met a Toyseller referred to as Sanders. He animates puppets using tiny amounts the Source. However, there seems to be more to him than that... Maybe we should investigate.

2. Know about Cathedral

Find and also read Report top top the Toyseller.

We learned native Magister records that Toyseller Sanders was as soon as a renowned engineer. The was part of the team that design the tomb of Lucian, and also the steps that guard that from intruders.

3. Arhu Order

Arhu told united state to seek the Toyseller called Sanders. He would be may be to assist us retrive the amulet and the scroll required to pass the route of Blood.

4. Do the efforts To go To 2nd Floor

You can try to get in his personal room on the top floor v backdoor - come Toyseller Sanders house Upper Floor.

We attempted to sneak right into the private locations of Toyseller Sanders" house, but he caught us and warned united state to save out.

5. Asked To to fill Amulet

Tell Toyseller Sanders ...

*Ask if it"s true that he design the path of Blood in the Cathedral.*

... Climate ...

*Say that you require to acquire past the course of Blood.*

... Guide him. He will offer you Source Amulet - it sponsor Replenish Source skill.

We request Toyseller Sanders to help us gain past the course of Blood in the Cathedral. First, we should fill one amulet the he provided me with Source.

6. Amulet Filled

Equip the Source Amulet. Whenever you get resource after you room capped, the amulet will save a charge.

We have regulated to to fill the amulet with Source. We need to return come Sanders.

7. Recognize Cathedral Secret

Return to Toyseller Sanders through filled Source Amulet.

In order to obtain past the path of Blood, us will need to place an Amulet fill with resource into a covert compartment. Then us will must read from the scroll of Atonement.

7.1. Recognize Password come Desk

We know the password to Toyseller Sanders" workdesk - "Giyora".

8. Interacted With Desk

Password Locked Desk.

There is a locked workdesk upstairs in Toyseller Sanders" house. It seems that we require a password to open up it.

10. Go get Arhu

Toyseller Sanders sent us to discover Arhu. Us will need his assistance with various other obstacles resulting in the tomb of Lucian.

12. Nearby Left A R X

We ventured onwards without delving any further right into matters relating to Toyseller Sanders.

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