Preordering the DLC because that the division 2 it s okay players some extra loot, consisting of a rise to level 30, but it"s not intuitive just how to usage it.

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The division 2 is returning to brand-new York in the DLC
together with the update 1.16 ~ above February 12th, The division 2 added some in-game bonuses for everyone that preordered the DLC. The bonuses are consisted of only if players preorder before April 3, and it includes a level 40 shotgun, an NYC police uniform outfit, and a level 30 boost. Yet when access to the preorder bonuses walk live ~ above the 12th, some players had actually a hard time figuring out how to obtain the level 30 rise to work.

The Level 30 Boost

In the upcoming development DLC Warlords of brand-new York, the level lid will climb to level 40. The boost will bring brand-new or old characters up come the present level cap to assist them record up. This level boost will assist players that are moving consoles, obtaining the video game for the an initial time, or just want to begin over without having to grind levels prior to the DLC drops.

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with the video game nearly cost-free right now, the Division 2 is only around $3 on every consoles and also PC, there will certainly be a ton of brand-new players who will uncover this an increase helpful.

how to get the Boost

getting the boost on a character is not specifically intuitive. The instructions are a little ambiguous, however there space two means to an increase a character to 30. If a character currently exists in the game, players will require to an increase their character from the store. First, open The division 2 on everything system the the DLC has been to buy for. Next, walk to the in-game store, and also look in ~ the contents purchased for the game– it will look contempt different depending upon what device players room using. If players have actually preordered the DLC, there have to be a rise button because that existing personalities there.

If players desire to begin a brand-new character to obtain ready for every the changes coming to The division 2"s new York, they deserve to do that together well, yet they"ll need to put in a little much more legwork. First, develop a new character. Second, football player will have to complete the prologue, unlock the basic of operations, unlock their very first skill, and also only then deserve to the character have the right to be boosted. Brand-new characters will not have access to the boost until those measures are done.

Remember, if the upcoming Warlords of brand-new York DLC has actually not been purchased yet, players will certainly not have access to the boost.

The department 2 is easily accessible for PC, PS4, and also Xbox One. A Stadia release is scheduled for 2020.

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