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Check "Yes" or "No" is one expression offered in jest as a post-script come a question to push for solution from an individual throughout an online conversation. When the expression is many commonly connected with handwritten love confessions exchanged amongst school children, it has seen a number of funny variations and parodies on sites favor Tumblr and Pinterest.


Common among elementary school children, the check yes or no keep in mind dates back to the 19th century<4> as soon as the correctly or no question would be posed ~ above humorous, joking call cards (shown below) young males would give to young ladies to inquire whether they might walk castle home.



On February 7th, 2007, Tennessee newspaper The Decatur Daily<2> published an article titled "Do girlfriend know just how to create a love letter?" i beg your pardon recounted the author"s very first childhood love letter, i beg your pardon read:

"I think you"re pretty. Will certainly you marry me? check yes or no."

On June 1st, 2013, The Knot<5> featured a proposal story that featured a man providing his future wife a note that read, "Will girlfriend marry me? inspect yes or no."


On November 5th, 2013, Redditor reasonable-doubt uploaded a picture of a examine yes or no note to the sugreddit r/funny.<3> titled "Found in a box of elementary institution projects," the note asks if the recipient will be his girlfriend, and also features her reply that she"s take away now yet most most likely won"t it is in in 2 months. Together of might 2014, the photograph has got over 3,000 points and also over 44,000 upvotes.


As of may 2014, there are over 73,000 fan art submissions tagged "check correct or no." A common trend among the DeviantArt submissions is to deal with the keep in mind to Juliet from Romeo, express the two young lover in Shakespeare"s beat Romeo and also Juliet, and much more recently, the 2007 we the monarchs pop-rock song "Check correctly Juliet."


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External References

<1> DeviantArt – inspect yes or no

<2> The Decatur everyday – carry out you know exactly how to write a love letter?

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<4> arts of Manliness – may I view You Home? 19th Century phone call Cards guaranteed to Score girlfriend a Date

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